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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gallery Glass Leading Video


  1. Carol - Me again. Your tip about using the small leading bottle and the same bottle has been a great help to me. Two more questions on leading, do you clean your tip between uses or do you just cap it off until next time?
    I bought some little metal tips at Michaels. They worked great the first time, now they just seem to clog. Are there any tips for cleaning those mirco tips? I admit it, I'm still lost on the tape tip.

  2. All of your leading woes will end if you will learn how to wind the tape around the end of the bottle. I speak from experience.
    But if you are using the tip without tape, it may need cleaning from the inside--take the cap off and pull hardened leading out with a nutpick--before you start a new project. Always replace the small clear cap on the end between sessions. When I'm using the tape tip, I don't alter the cap every time, but I replace the tape--even I've just stepped away for a short time. If it's been days since I used it, I also remove the cap and clean the dried leading from the inside before I wind on the new tape tip. It's just a ritual--I would rather clean BEFORE I start, than realize a few minutes later that I should have.
    The metal tips must be cleaned once the leading has gone through them. The best way is to rinse them clean immediately after using. But if it has dried, find a guage of wire that will push through the tip. A small straightened paper clip will work on the larger ones, but not the smallest.
    Please tell me the problems you are having with the Tape Tip in a separate email. There's a good chance that I can talk you through it. I've taught thousands of women to make tape tips--I can teach you, too. And that goes for any other readers who are having the same problem. Email me with your problems. We'll all learn together. There are 2 strong advantages: finer lines and ease to squeeze--a winning combination.