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Monday, February 14, 2011

Color Charts--Dry Color Swatches and Pattern to make your own

Our friend Laurie had a wonderful comment regarding color charts and I decided to make the most of it. She talked about making color charts on plastic plates, which is an inexpensive way to have dry swatches of the various Gallery Glass colors. It also works to document color mixes that you create from 2 other colors. I recommend that you label the bottles of remaining paint mixes, as to the colors that you used--especially if glitter was added, so you won't be surprised in the future if you pick up the bottle and apply it to a new project.

Several months ago, I decided to create a template for a compact portable color chart set that I could carry back and forth in my homework bag. Below are the results. At the end of the series, I will give you a pattern so that you can make your own color chart, either on glass or on styrene, like I did. If you wish to have a finished edge, you can put Redi-Lead around the perimeter.

NOTE: Keep in mind that I have put all the most recent colors in the chart, but many are discontinued and althought you may have a bottle, it is not longer available at the store. So be sure to look up the color--on the list that is printed above each chart. Colors with no designation after them, are active colors and should be available to purchase. However, you will find other designations as follows:
(D) which means that the color is discontinued and no longer available from Plaid
(L) which means that the color is limited, and will be discontinued as soon as quantities are gone
(N) which indicates a NEW color.

Color Chart #1 - left to right
Row 1 - 16001 Crystal Clear, 16002 Snow White, 16003 Cameo Ivory, 16004 Sunny Yellow, 16005 Orange Poppy
Row 2 - 16006 Canyon Coral (D), 16007 Cocoa Brown, 16008 Kelly Green, 16009 Emerald Green, 16010 Denim blue (L)
Row 3 - 16011 Blue Diamond, 16012 Royal Blue, 16013 Slate Blue, 16014 Amethyst, 16015 Ruby Red
Row 4 - 16016 Rose Quartz, 16017 Magenta Royale, 16018 Charcoal Black, 16019 Gold Sparkle, 16020 Amber
Row 5 - 16021 White Pearl, 16022 Clear Frost, 16023 Berry Red, 16024 Ivy Green, 16035 Lime Green

Color Chart #2 - left to right
Row 1 - 16036 - Turquoise, 16037 Sapphire, 16044 Window Etch, 16094 Champagne, 16095 Black Onyx
Row 2 - 16096 Celadon Green, 16421 Silver Sparkle (D), 16422 Copper Sparkle (D), 16423 Hot Pink, 16424 Purple (D)
Row 3 - 16425 Citrus Yellow, 16426 Light Brown (L), 16429 Pumpkin Orange, 16427 Blue Sparkle (D), 16437 Coral (D)
Row 4 - 16438 Magenta Rose, 16440 Gold Glitter (L), 16441 Silver Glitter, 16442 Hologram Glitter, 16443 Red Glitter (D)
Row 5 - 16433 Blue Glitter (D), 16445 Green Glitter (D) 16448 Bright Yellow (D), 16449 Bright Green (L), 16450 Bright Blue (D)

Color Chart #3 - left to right
Row 1 - 16451 Bright Purple (D), 16455 Sunflower, 16456 Morning Glory
Row 2 - 16457 Plum, 16458 Berry Grape (D) 16459 Italian Sage
Row 3 - 16460 Butter Pecan (D), 16461 Yellow Ochre, 16463 Spring Rose
Row 4 - 16850 Ruby Red Shimmer, 16851 Green Shimmer, 16848 Hologram Shimmer
Row 5 - 17044 Harvest Yellow, 17045 Peach, 17047 Rosy Pink

Color Chart #4 - left to right
Row 1 - 17048 Orchid Pink, 17049 Aqua, 17051 Light Green
Row 2 - 17052 Fresh Lime, 17053 Jadeite Green, 17054 Copper Metallic (L)
Row 3 - 16636 Autumn (N), 16637 Lemonade (N), 17072 Gilded Oak (N)
Row 4 - 17073 Blue Bird (N), 17075 Lilac (N), 17077 Lavender (N)

FolkArt Extreme Glitter  2 oz. (compatible with Gallery Glass Colors) - left to right
Row 1 - 2786 Gold, 2787 Silver, 2788 Rose,  
Row 2 - 2792 Red, 2793 Orange, 2789 Peridot
Row 3 - 2794 Emerald, 2790 Turquoise, 2791 Purple
Row 4 - 2797 Black, 2796 Hologram 

Now that you have seen my color charts, maybe you would like to make your own. Here is a template that you can use to lead and paint.


  1. HOT DAM!!
    This is the FIRST I have come across someone that had the know with all to make a REALISTIC color guide for the Gallery Glass Collection.


  2. I have tried writing to plaid & tried to get a hold of Carol but no luck. I have been doing gallery glass business since it started. I made my work into a business & am still going strong although I find the art itself is not as popular as it used to be. I am very disappointed @ the colors getting discontinued. My biggest problem is with 1 color in particular. Canyon coral is getting harder to get & it should be a main color. It is skin tone color to me. I use it a lot & my business could suffer if this color discontinues. Carol or Plaid I am begging you, if you read this....PLEASE get it going or keep it going PLEASE. I would love to have Carol see what has been done with something that came from her dreams & her idea of this spectacular medium. It's my life & makes me happy. Thanks again for creating the 1 thing that made my dream come true :)

    1. You're not serious about them being discontinued are you?!

  3. OH AWESOME COLOR CHART!!! You rock!

  4. This is extremely helpful! What a great idea to show it with the natural light shining through. Thank you!

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    1. You have better idea! Color Charts--Dry Color Swatches and Pattern to make your own.
      thanks you
      Visit this anchor glass bottles to get more colorful bottles.

  6. Michaels in Canada doesn't carry the gallery glass line anymore. Anyone know where to buy in Canada?