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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Eggs, Eggs and More Gallery Glass Eggs!

The Easter Egg is a traditional motif that can be presented in a variety of ways. It struck me one day that our oval blank was somewhat egg shaped. Aha! Perfect surface for an Easter Egg project. I decided to treat the whole oval as one egg and would love to make a whole window full of varying designs, but I don't have time, so I'll show you the first design and you might be inspired to create one. The interesting thing about this panel is the use of two new Plaid colors--Bluebird and Lavender. These are very opaque, in fact so much more than the Sunflower and Hot Pink--that I decided to dilute them with Crystal Clear 1:1. It really made the perfect opacity to coordinate with the yellow and pink. The greens are somewhat opaque as well--Fresh Lime and Light Green. If you can't find these new colors, order them from Plaid (click link below). I can't remember the last time I used all opaque colors in a project, but it IS an EGG, after all.

If your schedule does not allow the creation of an "egg wall" comprised of variations of big eggs like the one above, why not put all your egg design ideas into one project. I love the 12" chain wrapped blank because of the added glamour of the gold framing. And I like the fact that the generous 12" diameter makes it possible to do more intricate designs that on the 10" round blank--my other favorite surface. Notice that the eggs are shaded around the outside to give the illusion of oval-ness. The color scheme is very flexible. After I finished it, I thought there should have been a purple egg. So I think it would be better to make 6 different color combinations rather than repeating each egg combo twice.
I love the look of stained glass and am always searching for REAL stained glass patterns that can be done faster with Gallery Glass, but most of the time, we have to resort to adapting simple line designs to get an authentic stained glass look. So you can imagine how excited I was when I ran across this clip art design that has the true feeling of stained glass. I couldn't wait to enlarge the pattern and squeeze out the shapes with Liquid Leading. I think that you'll agree that it turned out spectacular. I didn't put a circle around the design because it is a very round design that would look awkward in a circle. But the basket needed grass, so I decided to create the illusion of grass with Green Sparkle and omit the lead line because I didn't want the horizon to go off in space. What do you think? 

Gallery Glass Supplies: 16455 Sunflower, 16423 Hot Pink, 16036 Turquoise, 17077 Lavender diluted half strength), 17052 Fresh Lime, 17051 Light Green, 16076 Black Liquid Leading. 16216 Styrene 6x9" oval.

Egg Wreath
Gallery Glass Supplies: 16017 Magenta Royale, 16423 Hot Pink, 16021 White Pearl, 16014 Amethyst, 17077 Lavender (diluted half strength), 16425 Citrus Yellow, 16455 Sunflower, 16035 Lime Green, 16051 Fresh Lime, 16008 Kelly green, 16051 Light Green, 16011 Blue Diamond, 16073 Blue Bird (diluted half strength), 16019 Gold Sparkle, 16081 Crystal Clear, 16076 Black Liquid Leading, 12" round surface or 11x14" or 12x18" poster frame.

Egg Basket
Gallery Glass Supplies:
16017 Magenta Royale,16463 Spring Rose, 16023 Berry Red, 16005 Orange Poppy, 16429 Pumpkin Orange, 16020 Amber, 16004 Sunny Yellow, 16035 Lime Green, 16008 Kelly green, 16012 Royal Blue, 16011 Blue Diamond, 16015 Ruby Red, 16081 Crystal Clear, 16076 Black Liquid Leading, 12" round surface or 11x14" poster frame.


  1. Miss Carol I have a question I have always wanted to ask you but always forget to....when I first got interested in faux stained glass was when "Great Glass" was replaced by "Gallery Glass"..I never got to use "Great Glass" but I do have several of the "Great Glass" books and a few of the Plaid Video Classroom vhs tapes which has the "Great Glass" question is what caused the change from "Great Glass" to "Gallery Glass"? From what I could see on my vhs tapes the "Great Glass" looked much more fluid and flowing than "Gallery Glass"...and in some ways I liked the look of the "Great Glass" better than the "Gallery Glass" oh and do you get alot of your pattern ideas from "Dover Publication books? I am on their website quite a bit looking at pattern books...

  2. Great Glass was wonderful--especially the Crystalline which looked like frost on the window when it dried. But alas, it was a solvent based product and contained significant amounts of tolulene. When we built our new paint plant, we went to waterbased products only, so bye bye GG. It was "flowed on" with an eyedropper which made blending and shading much easier and the effect was more subtle. But we have to give way to healthy crafting and protection of the environent, so we have adapted the technique to the safer waterbase medium.
    I LOVE Dover Books. I have about 500--stained glass pattern books, coloring books, clip art and stenciling books. They are a wonderful resource and many are listed in the Archive series which allows you, as a craftsman, to use designs from the books--copyright free. You can't lose with Dover books. Many of the designs that I adapt for GGC, started out in a Dover book. My favorite Dover stained glass artist is Ed Sibbett, Jr. I recommend that you buy as many as you can comfortably afford. An artist is only as good as his resource file!

  3. I absolutely LOVE the Easter Basket. I am so glad that you gave the pattern with the colors as I was sitting here wondering what colors you used to get that wonderful handle. BUT I am having trouble seeing the #23, Berry Red, in this combination. Have the color numbers changed? I think I need to go find a blank and get started on this one.

  4. The Berry Red is a contrast to the Spring Rose and gives the handle and the basket dimension when it is combed directionally. It's easy to see the directional combing in the striation of the segments. Spring Rose is discontinued, but you can use Hot Pink. It is a darker pink but coordinates with Berry Red. Have fun with this one. It is my favorite basket.