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Friday, September 9, 2011

Stained Glass Gifts to Give or Keep- Food

It's time to start thinking about the upcoming holiday season and gifts to plan now for family and friends. During this downturned economy, many people are looking for ways to recycle and re-style. Even if that is not your primary goal, you may be attracted to the concept of "double giving". Gallery Glass is the "gift that gives twice". First, you get the joy and pleasure of hands on creativity, then your friend gets a gift that is unique and attractive with a high perceived value. Isn't it wonderful that Gallery Glass just happens to look like something that is ten times more expensive?
I want to do a series of posts on frameable art. Go down to the basement and check against the walls or look behind the clothes in the closet and find those outdated forgotten picture frames with glass. They usually come in standard sizes--8"x10", 11"x14" or 16"x20". Those are the sizes that I am going to focus on for the next week, or so.
The first post focuses on kitchen and food related art. It is practically my favorite subject. If I'm not eating it, I'd just as soon be painting it. They resemble still life paintings and are wonderful small gifts for your "secret pal", a co-worker or your Bridge partner. Because who doesn't love food?

Aren't they fun. You can click on any one of them, which should bring them up on a separate screen. Then print out the design and enlarge it to fit your frame. They were originally presented as 8x10"s but you could enlarge them to 11x14 and have more room for the detail. The lobster was leaded in our Silver Metallic leading. It will have a slightly different look if you lead it in black. I will attach the patterns, but you may want to print out the picture to study while you're doing your project.  Have fun and get your holiday spirit UP! Get Crafty!

Gallery Glass Paints: These are the paints that were used in all the projects. Check the color numbers that appear in your pattern to narrow it down to your project's color list.
01 or 81 Crystal Clear, 02 Snow White, 03 Cameo Ivory, 04 Sunny Yellow, Orange Poppy, 06 Canyon Coral, 07 Cocoa Brown, 08 Kelly Green, 09 Emerald Green, 10 Denim Blue, 11 Blue Diamond, 12 Royal Blue, 13 Slate Blue, 14 Amethyst, 15 Ruby Red, 16 Rose Quartz, 17 Magenta Royale, 18 Charcoal Black, 19 Gold Sparkle, 20 Amber, 21 White Pearl, 22 Clear Frost, 23 Berry Red, 24 Ivy Green, 35 Lime Green, 36 Turquoise, 37 Sapphire, 44 Etching Medium, 94 Champagne, 95 Champagne, 95 Black Onyx, 96 Celadon Green


  1. those patterns are really great...I got the book that those are in...but that last painting I dont think I"ve seen before..I shall have to go back thru my books again and look for it!!!

  2. Bradford, you are so discerning. You are right. The Ice Cream 8x10" came from the same book, Glass Art for Framing, 1999, but for some unknown reason, the book dept. left the FINISHED picture, OUT of the book. However, if you look at the pattern sheets, you will find it--with the color key. In order to put it on the blog, I had to take a picture of my finished panel, with my cell phone. You win another trivia prize, I just don't know what it is.
    Thanks for once again, being our Gallery Glass Guhru. You're the best!