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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Casting Glass Textures - A Gallery Glass Technique

Framed panel designed by Laura Brunson
It's not NEW, but it is very different from the other traditional "outline and paint" techniques. In fact, you don't even have to lead, if you want to use Redi-Lead, it's the perfect place for it. Also, the painting is so different. It is done by pouring and spreading Gallery Glass on a reusable leading blank or textured plastic or glass surface. You can use casting techniques to create a variety of designs and textures with one color or by blending one or more colors to make a marbleized "slab". The borders and center motifs for this project were done on a ceiling diffuser that was purchased at the home improvement store for about $9. It sounds expensive, but it is really a "mold" for the paint and is 24"x48", so you could feasibly cast the whole project at one time. You will find them in the acoustic ceiling tile department. The background for the project was cast on a piece of "glue chip" glass purchased from a stained glass store. It is breakable and must be handled carefully, but it creates a texture that is one of the most popular in real leaded glass artwork. Of course, you could also apply Crystal Clear from the bottle for the background, but those of you who want to make Here's how you do it.

How to Cast

1. Spread Gallery Glass evenly and with a consistent thickness, using the palette knife from the Gallery Glass Tool set, of a spatula. Don't spread the paint so thin that you can see through it--it should be opaque. Let dry thoroughly.

2. Peel up sheet of cast paint.

3. Position casting on a tracing of your pattern. Cut out with sharp scissors, cutting through the paper. Peel paper away and place cast piece on surface.
Gallery Glass Supplies: Crystal Clear, 8 oz. 16081, Kelly Green 16008, Magenta Royale 16017, Amber 16020, Champagne 16094, Liquid Leading 16076 (or Redi-lead), Tool Set 16225
Other Supplies: Glue Chip Glass, Cracked Ice Styrene Panel, Wooden frame with glass, 8"x20", Craft knife, Needle nose pliers, 2 screw eyes, 3/4" 17" of #16 chain.

Instructions for Framed Panel
Leading: Position glass insert from frame over pattern. Trace with Liquid Leading. Let dry flat overnight.
Casting: Spread colors listed on pattern on indicated effects panels, using palette knife from Tool Set. Let dry overnight. Carefully peel cast color off effects panel. Position over appropriate area on panel. Trim to fit with a craft knife. Press in place.
Finishing: Insert screw eyes in top of frame 4" from edges. Attach chain for hanging.

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