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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Janice Nipper Creates Gallery Glass Window Treatments

You may remember Janice Nipper from the beautiful rooster patterns that she shared with us in a post from last week. I invited her to send some more pictures of her work and I'm blown away by her creative ideas, but first let's look at her overall window covering. I'm assuming that the covering is an insert. Here's what she says about the project.

"This is the last window that I finished. It can actually be used anytime although Summer would probably be the best time. I just suddenly had an idea one day to make a frame that would cover the entire window and this is the result. My next full frame will be one for Christmas. I'm thinking about using holly leaves to make a wreath with lots of sparkly ornaments."

So this is really great, right? Now let's see what other magic creative INNOVATIVE ideas she has for us.

"I decided that I liked the idea of using a stained glass panel instead of a valance on my kitchen window. I have been working on having several different panel--hopefully one for each season. These are the ones I have now, starting with Valentine's Day. And since my kitchen wallpaper has hearts--this also works any time."
"Then on to St. Patrick's Day, which since we are in Dublin, it is a big deal here."

"Now, for Easter. I think this is my favorite of all time. I made the pattern from a couple of pictures that I had and added my own details."

"Here is my July 4th picture."

"My summer picture is my daughter's favorite because she loves Sunflowers."

"I also have one for Fall with falling leaves."
"To finish up the year, look at Thanksgiving and Christmas."

"Some of the colors in my Christmas window are the Crystal Finish paints by Jurgen Industries."

wow, Wow, WOW! I really love these valances. In case, you're unsure of what a valance is--it's a short curtain at the top of the window--usually made of sheared cloth on a rod. Janice certainly improved on that idea. I also love the fact that she is doing all of this for her kitchen window because what woman doesn't spend the more time in front of that--than any other in the house. Thank you, Janice, for taking the time to share your ideas with us. You are a creative, innovative lady with our favorite paint. PLEASE send us more of your fabulous projects.

(New post) Janice is willing to share a few of her secrets with us. Here's more information on her techniques.

"I have always loved stained glass and when a lady at our church offered a stained glass painting class, I was the first to register. I have tried doing the cut stained glass, but I don't have the strength in my hands to do the cutting. BESIDES, I love being able to swirl in my own colors."

"Since Bradford asked how my panels are attached, I took a couple of pictures of the one that is up now. To hang the panels I use Command hooks at the top and bottom. The full rooster panel exactly fits in the window frame and doesn't need anything to hold it in place." 
"I am attaching a picture of my paint color sampler. Since the colors don't look the same when wet, I wanted a way to know exactly how the color would look dry. I have mine in numerical order as this makes it easier to find the color and put it back where it belongs. You can also see how I have my paints stored. I made the
slotted holders with a rod pocket across the top and I hang them on dowels in a rolling cart. I paint on a round glass-topped patio table with a lamp under it --that is sitting in my living room so that I can see the TV while I'm painting."

I love it, Janice! I know that you have offered some solutions to problems that we all have at one time or another. I love your cart with the bottles stored upside down. This is one way to eliminate some of the bubbles and make sure you get ALL of the paint out of the bottles. Good idea. Keep painting and sending us pictures of your work.


  1. all I can say is are a true artist..please keep sending in more photos of the rest of us to drool over...I have a do you store the panels that you do are not currently using and do you attach your panel to the window? again beautiful work!!! show us more!!!!

  2. Thanks Bradford, I love when people like what I've done.
    I store my panels on a rack my husband made for me, I have pegs between each so they don't stick to each other.
    To hang the panels I use Command hooks at the top and bottom of the panels. Except for the full frame, as it exactly fits in the window frame and doesn't need any thing to hold it in. I'll send Carol a close up of how the hooks are used.
    I also have to tell you that after a panel (and all my paintings) is like I want I use either Gallery Glass Protective Sealer or a spray clear enamel. I have learned that if I don't I can't always wash the dust away without ruining my picture.

  3. Hello Janice! Your creations are very Beautiful! Where can I find window panels to paint & to cover my permanent windows with? Have you ever thought about making an instructional video? Does Gallery Glass paint hold up to condensation? Thank You for your help!! :) Yani.

    1. I am glad you liked them. My panels are actually plexi-glass bought at a local hardware store. My husband cuts it to fit. You can get different thicknesses. I've had no problem with condensation messing up my paints. Of course, I do seal so that may be the reason.
      GOOD LUCK and let us see what you make.

    2. Janice, what do you seal with? Gallery Glass no longer makes their Protective Sealer. I am trying to find another product that will work.

  4. I would like to give some information about that. It is difficult to find styrene by the sheet at retail. I have been buying it on ebay from a seller named nuggetgirll1021. She has sheets in boxes from 5"x7" (40 sheets/$40) to 28"x32" 10 sheets/$87.50). I have even ordered 24"x36" sheets before, but didn't see them on the site today. Best part, free shipping. Go to ebay and search for "clear styrene sheets". You will pull her up.
    So whether you are looking for surfaces to make and sell, or you want to cut it to size and use it on as a window covering, as long as you don't need over a 28"x32" sheet, I think this will work for you. And it's really convenient--comes right to the door. Styrene is easy to cut with a craft knife and is perfectly clear. I have ordered boxes of sheets in a number of sizes. They come quick and the quality is excellent--no broken corners. Remember, you don't have to find a piece large enough to cover the whole window area, just the glass area. So a double hung window will use 2 pieces--not one big piece.
    Temporary condensation that evaporates in a short period of time--yes--GG is fine for those windows. However, windows that "sweat" every day, run with water and possibly even freeze rivulets inside the house--NO! Remember it's not really colored glass--it's waterbase paint.

    1. Thank You very much Carol for your help! I can't wait to get started :) !! Yani.

  5. Wow, those stained glass windows are gorgeous! I especially liked the one with the sunflowers. It would be perfect in an area where there is plenty of sunlight. The first thing that comes to mind is our kitchen, which is right beside our garden. :)

  6. I know this is an older posting, but I'm hoping you still answer. I used crystal clear in my background and even after more than 24 hours it is still pretty milky looking. It a little thick but not nearly as thick as the colors I used. Will it still clear? I'm considering scraping it off.

    1. Danielle, I would wait a few days more to let the crystal clear completely dry. I haven't had any problem with mine. I also like to use Snow White around the outside edges for a contrast. Also use it for windows I don't want people peeking in! Let us know how it works out. And don't forget to use an acrylic sealer when it is all dry.

  7. I am sorry that it has been awhile since I have posted any more pictures. I have been having problems with my right hand, so it is very difficult to use liquid lead, and not easy for the pre- lead either. BUT I had surgery last month and the doctor said in about 5 more months my hand should be much better. I really want to get back to painting. I have so many ideas.

  8. Where can I find a sealer? Will any brand work?

    1. Did you ever find anything to use as sealer for gallery glass? I have something that I want to seal. I don't want to use the wrong thing after all the work I've put into it.