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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Instant Windows with Redi-Lead

Redi-Lead is pre-formed, press-on strips of simulated leading that allow you to instantly add leading to any project surfaces and no drying time is needed. That is such a simple description, but it opens up a whole world of possibility. Now you can do a window as a weekend project, without having to wait for you squeezed out Liquid leading strips to dry. Plaid looked for the right material for 15 years until this particular very flexible, weatherproof material was found. Then the adhesive was another problem. Until we found the existing one, the adhesive would "lift" as soon as the paint was applied, causing the lead to float and allowing the colors to run together.
When we discovered the very special adhesive that is applied to the redi-lead material--we were ecstatic. We celebrated for a week! Now you can celebrate that discovery any time you want and the Gallery Glass "invention" allows you to complete a beautiful home improvement project in just a weekend. You can use it on any window that needs privacy, which are usually entry windows and bathroom windows.
I have a new plan to upload entire books so that you will always be able to access them. This book was published in 2004 and is called Instant Windows. It contains 19 window designs and wonderful instructions that I am going to post as attachments, so that you can print them out and refer to them as you are creating your window. My only reservation about the book is that it was photographed inside, so the Crystal Clear and the etching medium textures look white behind the areas where they are used. You will have to use your imagination a little more to visualize the "real"effect of the design. To enlarge the pattern, follow the instructions on the right on the message board. Here are the instructions. Read them thoroughly before planning your project.

NOTE: Redi- Lead shapes (mentioned above) are no longer available. But Redi-Lead strips can create any design in this post.
Window Color
Let your finished Gallery Glass project dry, away from drafts, breezes and dust, for at least 8 hours. Projects will be cured completely in 72 hours. Do not attempt to speed up the drying process--placing a fan in front of your project can cause cracks in the surface. Using a blow dryer can seal the top of the paint and actually trap the wet paint, preventing it from drying in the normal amount of time.
Protect your finished projects with a coat of Gallery Glass Protective Sealer. This brush-on formula repels dust and fingerprints and seals out moisture that can cause clouding.

Southern Magnolias

/Diamonds and Squares

Marbled Squares

Classic Door and Sidelights

Marbled Door and Sidelights

Elegant Geometric

Spring Geometric

Morning Glory Transom

Delightful Floral

Elegant Geometric
English Floral

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