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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mike Takes Personalizing to a Whole New Level

I would like to thank all my readers for their contributions to the blog. When you share--others are inspired to share their work, as well. Mike Mooney contacted me and asked about my posting policy. I filled him in on the procedure which is to send en email photo attachment  of your project to me at my email address and I will post it to the blog. All you have to do is be able to take a picture of your project and upload it to your computer. Most people can accomplish this either with their camera or their phone. It is amazing what good pictures can be taken with phones, these days. (However, I miss my wide angle lens.) Here is what Mike wrote about his projects. 

"Here is one photo of my family crest. This was done as the centerpiece of a window box. It was framed out and boxed in, to attach to a window frame. A row of ceramic Irish ornaments line the top and bottom of the crest. It was made as a way of displaying the ornaments, however the faux stained glass crest became the focal point. I got the pattern by actually bringing a coaster with the picture on it to a Kinko's, and having it blown up to size. I attached the pattern to the back of an acrylic sheet and traced it with the Liquid Leading. I embellished it with some lines to give the look of stained glass, and added the colors of the Irish flag as a background."

What a beautiful project. I love the idea of the window box. I can just imagine what a stunning addition to the room--especially with space for their ornament collection. As impressive as the crest is--I was even more impressed with the Yankee's panel below.

"Here's another photo. I do a lot of sports themes. Just traced the Yankees logo, added the background and pinstripes, and lines to give a mosaic look. I framed it and used it to cover a friend's basement window. The crystal clear in the background looks great when the light shines through, and really sets off the rest of the picture."

Thank you, Mike, for sharing your wonderful personalized projects. I love the mosaidleading detail in the background of the Yankees panel. Most people hate to lead--so much--that they probably wouldn't even 'think" of using that technique. But the leading gives the project an antique quality that makes it look like it could have come from a neighborhood basement bar in Soho. Good work! Send us more!


  1. You are a true artist Mike...keep up the fantastic work..and show us more photos when you can..again...fantastic work!! Keep it up!!