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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Framed Art Gifts to Make with Gallery Glass

Now is the time for all good crafters to start thinking GIFTS! I know that you would LOVE to give a gift that you had some fun with first. Every crafter dreams of her money fulfilling two dreams--not only do you get to "play" with the supplies, but when your crafting technique is finished--the recipient exclaims that it is the best gift they received from under the tree. Not an easy tightrope to walk, but glasscrafters have long enjoyed that little double benefit. So let's think about what kind of designs to select for a holiday project. First of all, the subject matter has to match the person. Look for a design that symbolizes their hobby, Alma mater, favorite sport or occupation. Then pick colors that will coordinate with the location where you think they will want to display the gift. If it is a sport team--those colors are set in stone and nobody seems to mind that it doesn't match the drapes. But other subjects may require some careful consideration when it comes to selecting the color key.
Now let's talk about the finished product. I prefer framed art for a gift for several reasons--perceived value is first and foremost. Your artwork will look a lot more expensive if it is framed. But there another very important reason--portability. You can wrap a piece of framed art and carry it in the car to Grandma's. It is also more shippable, but that is a whole different discussion that we will have later. Suffice to say--don't even think about wrapping your gift in tissue paper or bubble wrap!
I have posted two "idea" posts under the Project Category - All Occasion Designs. One is focused on projects with a Culinary Theme and the other is geared more for children and includes Animals and Birds. Take a look at those before you make your final choice. I wanted to include a few more designs that don't fall into either of those categories. If you have not previously considered making a Gallery Glass gift, I hope that these posts will inspire you to try it. What have you got to lose?

8x10" framed art

11"x14" framed art



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