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Monday, January 28, 2013

Frosty the Snowman and Cozy Friend

I love the idea of a snowman coming to life and dancing down the streets of the village. It probably isn't going to happen in Georgia--neither is a Perky Penguin going to waddle through the intersection. But isn't it fun to think about that happening. Especially in the dead of winter when the decorations are all put away and the family settles in for a long Winter indoors. That's why the colorful suncatchers can bring so much cheer to the view out the windows. I think snow scenes and bundled up characters are especially treasured by those in the South who only see snow occasionally. It's a much more romantic concept below the Mason Dixon line than for those who live around major lakes and have to shovel the fluffy stuff every couple of days.
Those are the people who like to put up Suncatchers of Palm Trees and tropical sunsets to warm up their shivering bones. Can't blame you for that. Have fun with these. Stay warm and dry.

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