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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Welcome to Ivan's First Project with Gallery Glass!

Front doors are one of the most popular places for Gallery Glass. There is a strong desire to enhance curb appeal and of course, privacy is a big issue. Also entry halls are notoriously dark--with the door light being the only source of light, so Gallery Glass solves a serious decorating problem. Ivan Arnold is a beginner who decided to make the small door light one of his first projects. We can certainly admire his creativity and innovation. Here's what he says about the project!

"I finally finished the stained glass panel for our front door, using Gallery Glass. I put the leading on the back side, as you suggested, which faces the exterior side of the door. It's far from perfect, but I guess it's not too bad for my first Gallery Glass project! My wife likes it. (I made it as a birthday present for her.) I altered our door, so that the glass panel is held in place with small screws holding the trim on the inside. That way, I can change out the panels quite easily. My plans are to eventually make three more panels, one for each season, and each one with a different bird and foliage!"

Great idea, Ivan. I'm sure our readers will be interested in your plan to change the feature seasonally. That's the kind of luxury we have with Gallery Glass. The cost is so minimal that we can be extravagant with our creativity. Thanks for sharing with us.


  1. This is a wonderful post, i'm terribly inquisitive about reading this.. Its terribly useful yo North American nation..keep posting such a noteworthy front doors

  2. hey Ivan that looks WONDERFUL!!!!!! Gallery Glass is sooo addictive once you get into it...please post more photos as you finish projects...we all love to see what everyone is making...makes me want to dig my paints out and start back to painting myself..keep up the great work!!!