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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Clasics with Gallery Glass

Best Tree Ever --24"x36" Poster Frame
'Tis the season to put up the best of the BEST. I have loved this Tree for 30 years and it will probably always be my favorite. There is so much to look at--you can study it for hours. Gingerbread boys, lighted candles, poinsettias, golden bells, holly with berries, spruce fronds, metallic ornaments, seasonal fruit, a stocking with candy cane and even a doll. The only thing that's missing is light--and the sun provides that very nicely. Add a metallic bucket and some Hologram snowflakes and you've got a winning combination. It's definitely not a beginner project and a perfect candidate for the Tape Tip Leading Technique (see category for details), but you've got to love the fact that the poster frame costs less than $20 at Michael's and it is reusable. Don't even consider anything smaller.You're NOT going to love the fact that I can't bring myself to color code it. The pattern is available in below and you can do it in colors to match your decor. You can add the background "window panes" once you have selected the project frame. Just make sure they are of equal size. Extend the lines through the spacey areas at the bottom of the tree. Set it in the window and wait for the oooohs and ahhhhhhhs!

Santa Claus is coming to town in an 18"x24" Poster Frame
Who doesn't want a big bold beautiful Santa on their window? I have always loved the detail of his design, from the stitches on his pack to the jingle bells on his boots. He's gorgeous. Just make sure you have a new bottle of GG 16850 Ruby Red Shimmer for his velvet suit and a full bottle of 16851 Green Shimmer for his pack. They are my favorite colors at holiday time and if you can't find them, try
Have I told you lately how much I love Dover Clip Art Books. I have gotten on a roll this season from one of their Books that I've had for over 30 years. But the good news is, it is still in print. It is Ready-to-Use Christmas Designs--ISBN - 0-486-23900-4 ( Most of the elaborate designs that you have seen on my blog since Thanksgiving are from that book. I found it again over the holidays and can't stop interpreting the designs into Gallery Glass onto my new great love Poster Frames. They are a winning combination. By the way, they have a clip art book on almost every subject you can imagine, so save your holiday money and splurge. Remember, as an artist--you're only as good as your resource file!

Erupting Euphonium - 12x18" Poster Frame

I'll bet you thought it was a Flugelhorn! So did I, but I looked it up. Nevertheless, it is awesome. It must be Santa's Euphonium because toys are flying out of it. I took the opportunity to differentiate the carving detail with Gold Sparkle, Gold Glitter and Sunny Yellow. The combination makes a beautiful brass effect with very little effort. 12"x18" is a good size for this design. The toy detail isn't too small to lead easily with a tape tip. (Are you proficient at making one, yet?) Just checking.
The poster frame is so convenient to use. The styrene comes in the frame. I also have been mounting them with 2 large suction cups. You can put it on a window, anywhere without any hooks or wires. The lightweight frame is not too heavy and hasn't fallen off, so far. I just love it when projects are simple and easy. I got this poster frame on sale (BOGO) at Michael's. Wow, I laid awake thinking what a good deal that was and went back the next day to stock up. They make great gifts-- painted with Gallery Glass. You're going to be seeing a lot of them in the next few months on this blog because I have a garage full.

Ultimate Holiday Wreath - 18"x24" Poster Frame
So you have two windows and you need a companion piece for the Candles (see below). That's my situation, so I was motivated to find a design that would use the same color palette and a subject matter that would complement the other project without being--more candles. Besides fruit CAKE, a fruit WREATH is about as traditional as you can get. I was lucky enough to find a clip art motif that was blooming with luscious edibles. Though not a beginner project, it can be done by an intermediate who has mastered the Tape Tip Leading Technique (posted under Leading Tips). The shading is a little more delicate because you want the fruit to be highlighted in a realistic manner. But otherwise, it's a simple 2 step project--outline and paint. Check out the Patterns and Color Keys category to the right of the page for the complete pattern and detailed painting instructions.

Christmas Candles on 18"x24" Poster Frame
The end of the year holidays are my very favorite decorating opportunities. Why? Because we get to use so much glitter! That, and the color scheme is almost as bright and colorful as Pre-school artwork. We're going to go crazy with Gallery Glass designs before the end of this season, but I thought it fitting to start with one of my all time favorites. These candles have intricate detail and the illusion of carving created by the two shades of opalescence. The aura around the candles looks like rays emanating from the flame because I pulled the Hologram Glitter paint out from the Sunny Yellow in lines, leaving space in between them so that they wouldn't run together. The beautiful bow is made to look more dimensional by shading the Ruby Red with Berry Wine. And after the reds dry, squeeze a line of Hologram glitter along the edge of each section for that high end ribbon look. Other than these two special (but, easy) techniques, the painting is simple, just fill in the colors.
If you haven't discovered the Poster Frame aisle at your local craft store (I got this one at Michael's), you need to schedule a trip. The first good thing about them is that the molding is light weight (for easy hanging)and they come in a variety of standard sizes. The second good thing is that they come with the pre-cut styrene already in them, instead of glass--another plus, especially for shipping to mom and the gang. The third good thing is the price (we like it). They are much less expensive than buying standard frames with glass. Look to the right of this page under Project Categories - Patterns and Color Keys for the pattern and supplies list. You can blow the pattern up to any size, however, it is too detailed for anything smaller than a 16"x20".
Now, let's talk about the gratification factor. The design is elegant and impressive, without being difficult. The toughest part will be the outlining the pattern--definitely an opportunity to wind a Tape Tip on the Liquid Leading bottle. Take your time, the compliments are going to be worth it.


  1. That's the main reason why I love stained glass windows: the wonderful colors come out when sunlight hits them. It feels like it's Christmas everyday when I see stained glass windows inspired by Santa Claus and the Christmas tree.

  2. What a great concept. I agree--Gallery Glass is a gift to me--then I add my time and energy to it--and give it as a gift to my friends. It's the Christmas spirit expressed through crafts. Thank you for clarifying it for us, Katie.

  3. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts.

  4. Love the erupting euphonium! My son plays! It is always so hard to find things for him and I have some gallery glass supplies and think I'd like to try to do this for him since I am sure the finished product is beyond my budget. Does gallery glass sell a stencil for the design? I am hoping to try the styrene in the frame that you used if I can figure it out?? I'll check back to this blog in a couple days to see if anyone else has added anything I might be able to learn here. Thank you so much for awakening this thought for my for my son!!

  5. I'm glad you like the design. It is a copyright free Clip Art design from Dover The book is $6.95. As for the colors, they re listed in the post. The body of the instrument is Gold Sparkle and the carved detail is gold glitter and some Sunny Yellow mixed with the gold sparkle. You can make up your own color scheme. The 12x18" poster frame should also be available at a craft or framing store, but the design can be enlarged to fit most rectangular frames. But I would go larger, not smaller, for best results. Good Luck, send us a picture when you're one.