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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Gallery Glass Suncatchers serve dual purpose

Who doesn't love pictures of their family--two legged or four legged--it doesn't matter. Everyone loves to frame snapshots and spread them around their home. My close relatives smile at me in almost every room and I am especially fond of seasonal family pictures displayed in the windows. They add a unique touch to comprehensive accessorizing. Once you hang the hook, you can change the Suncatcher (and the smiling folks) to coordinate with the current weather--maybe daisies for Spring? Get the idea? We will be having lots of picture framing Suncatchers in the future, but for the record, this is first set. So, you haven't missed anything, so far.
The Snowflake is easy to lead and paint. I did it in blue because it is non-Christmas colors and I was so ready to ditch the red and green theme. But you can do a snowflake in any color. If it is a frame for a younger person, think about using the primary colors--bright and cheerful. This is the time of year that I use the most Hologram Shimmer. It lends the most wonderful glimering snow-like effect. I used it for the background on both of these projects. You can coordinate the color scheme of these two frames and display them together. However, just a tip for you, make sure the people in the photos are bundled up. 
How does the Suncatcher become a picture frame? Easy, lead and paint the Suncatcher to coordinate with the color palette of the picture you wish to feature. In the example, the blues were picked because the center person's suit is two shades of blue. Print a copy of the picture. Now hold the finished Suncatcher up to the window and trace the outline of the center area onto a piece of copy paper. Cut out the shape that you have traced and use it as the pattern to trim the picture--making sure that the people are centered in the design shape. Now turn the Suncatcher over and tape the trimmed picture to the back of the Suncatcher with thin slivers of invisible tape, so that it won't show when placed in the window. You can hang it from a suction cup. Tip: tie a coordinating color of bow around the hanger tab, before it goes onto the hook. Be sure to store the Suncatcher when Spring comes so you can pull it out and update the "snow scene" for next Winter. And don't forget-- a picture frame Suncatcher makes a great gift for Grandma.

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