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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Gallery Glass Wrap Up for Fall Holidays

Let's take a look at the Thanksgiving designs. Thanksgiving has a shorter decorating "window" because it is sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas, but it certainly deserves our time and attention. I usually add the "leaves" decorations in with the Thanksgiving motifs because they coordinate color-wise and because it gives more flexibility to the projects.

10" round version of Autumn Leaves.
Having trouble locating a 10" blank? Check the Party store. They have large plain plastic plates that have a flat surface with a slightly curved edge. These inexpensive surfaces are adaptable to the 10" round designs, although you may have to shrink them down a little.
Elegant Autumn Pumpkin with Leaves - 10" Round

Fall decorations get more exciting as the leaves begin to fall in the back yard. Decorations on the windows need to be vibrant or they won't compete with the splashes of color drifting past. This suncatcher is bound to get the attention of anyone who sees it. The pumpkin doesn't have a face, so it can stay in play all the way to Thanksgiving.

Autumn Suncatchers "light up" Clear Vases

Gallery Glass allows you to "go wild" with your seasonal decor because they are REMOVABLE. There is no messy adhesive and they stay flexible for many years to come. It's a very easy process. Lead and paint piles of brightly colored leaves on 8"x10" reusable blanks (from Plaid), let dry--then peel and stick to windows, mirrors and other smooth surfaces. When the holiday is over, peel the leaves off the surfaces, put them back on a reusable sheet and store them in a cool flat place inside food storage bags.

Big, Bold and Beautiful Sunflower on 10" Round
I love florals that leave no doubt about what kind of flower you're trying to depict. Who doesn't enjoy the cheerful coloring and positive primary colors of Autumn Sunflowers? I wish I had a hundred of them in my back yard, but will be satisfied to hang this 10" beveled piece in the window. It's almost as good as the real thing. The petals are plain, with very simple shading, but the center gets a little more drama from the addition of FolkArt Extreme Glitter polka dots of Black and Gold applied first. Then the Gallery Glass Black Onyx and Cocoa Brown are swirled around and through the glitter dots to disperse. The result is a little heavier center with subtle highlights--fantastic!

Pilgrim and Indian - 6"x9" Ovals
I put these up last because I have never been happy with the faces of the Pilgrim and the Indian. However, there certainly is a place for them in our Thanksgiving display. The same holds true of the ship. It's especially good to put them up if you have small children visiting the house, who may not yet know the story of the first Thanksgiving. Follow the directions on the Message Board for printing out the designs and enlarge them to fit your situation. If you don't have oval blanks, you can make all three in a smaller size and use them as suncatchers.

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