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Monday, January 26, 2015

Hearts -- Framed and Wired with Gallery Glass

"Framed" and "wired" are two words with bad connotations-- unless we're talking about them in a Gallery Glass context. It's easy to make mobiles and free floating ornaments using Cuttable Plastic and wire. If you can't find cuttable plastic, you can also use leading blanks for the shapes--they just won't be quite as rigid or transparent. The wire is Armature Wire and is available at craft stores. Lead and paint the shapes and let them dry. Cut around the cured shapes leaving 1/8" of space outside the outlines. Cut lengths of wire and curl loosely around a pencil. Stretch wire slightly. Make a hole in the edges of the plastic shapes and string them up! See patterns for more details.

Colorful glass panels or Clings hanging in a window add brightness and life to home decor. The colors are at their best with light coming through them, so hanging a piece of glass art in a window is the perfect place to show off its beauty. Framed panels can also be a substitute for curtains because they bend the rays of light and create a sunscreen--if they are large enough. These three hearts are a good project for a styrene ceiling diffuser. They are easily scored on the smooth side and popped into the size to fit a small elongated frame. Always paint on the smooth side so that the color will be even, not blotchy.

This 11"x14" picture frame takes on a whole new life when you throw away that faded floral print and outline and paint this "Funky Heart" on the glass. Remove glass from frame. Position it over pattern and outline the design. Let dry and apply colors as shown, or create your own color palette. Fill in around the design with Crystal Clear leaving it very bumpy. Place glass or plastic into frame and secure it using Liquid Leading as a "caulk" between the edge of the glass and the back side of the frame. Let caulking dry overnight before standing upright.

If you can't wait to get started, print out the patterns and select your surfaces. In a couple of days, you'll be able to give one of these heartfelt treasures to your favorite Valentine.

Supplies needed for Hugs and Kisses Mobile:
16003 Cameo Ivory, 16001 Crystal Clear, 16015 Ruby Red, 16002 Snow White, 16079 Gold Metallic Liquid Leading (heart and O's), 16080 Silver Metallic Liquid Leading (wings and X's), 16240 Cuttable Plastic, 16225 Tool Set.
Other Supplies: Armature Wire, Needlenose pliers, Wire cutters, Craft knife with blades, Scissors, pencil.

Supplies needed for Funky Heart Framed Art:
16001 Crystal Clear, 16035 Lime Green, 16015 Ruby Red, 16037 Sapphire, 16004 Sunny Yellow, 16076 Black Liquid Leading, 16225 Tool Set,
Other Supplies: Wooden frame with glass, 11"x14"

Supplies needed for Three Hearts Framed Art"
16014 Amethyst, 16081 Crystal Clear, 16009 Emerald Green, 16005 Orange Poppy, 16012 Royal Blue, 16015 Ruby Red, 16004 Sunny Yellow, 16076 Liquid Leading or 16089 Redi-Lead Strips, 16224 Tool Set
Other Supplies: Wooden frame with glass, 8"x20", Craft knife (for cutting Redi-lead

Supplies needed for Love Mobile:
16001 Crystal Clear; 16423 Hot Pink, 16438 Magenta Rose, 16455 Sunflower, 16076 Lquid Leading, 16782 Crystal Beads (discontinued), 16240 Cuttable Craft Plastic, 16225 Tool Set
Other Supplies: Craft wire, pink and yellow pony beads, other beads as desired.

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  1. You are totally making me ready to get back to painting. Just as soon as I get this glove and brace off my hand, I'm back to painting. Love the Valentine themes.