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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Honor the Fathers in your life with Gallery Glass

We honored the Mothers last month, now it's Dad's turn. What a wonderful idea someone had-- to have a national day of "honoring" for both parents. The special days are observed by almost all the diverse groups that make up this great country. Because having parents is universal--everybody had to start out with a set. Lots of people have a good relationship with them and these special days challenge us to make those relationships even better--every year when they roll around. (Wait for it...........)

In my mind, Gallery Glass is a perfect way to spread it on thick because it is a gift they can't eat or wear--so it doesn't go away when you do. It's nice that special diets and "hard to find sizes" don't matter. In my mind, it's the "one size fits all" commemorative plaque. There are several ways to approach the project for fathers. You could go with the historical favorite "Man's Best Friend" motif. I couldn't pick out the "best" color scheme, so I decided to show you both of them. The style of the dog is a bit generic, but you could possibly tailor it to your man's favorite breed with a little imagination. It could become a Golden Retriever by just leaving off the spots and painting him Amber.
The second approach is to go for Dad's favorite hobbies to commemorate his status. I posted this example to show you the idea, but you could probably come up with a more appropriate icon for the Dad in your life. The only problem is that all the oval blanks are gone, unless you had some stashed away somewhere. But this motif is small enough to be a suncatcher. You could do it on a reusable leading blank and then peel it off and apply it to one of his windows. I would change the "green" a little, however, if I were doing it as a suncatcher. Make it a little more "backyard pool" shaped instead of egg shaped. That would look more realistic.

The third approach is to give him an "award". Give him a blue ribbon (it's his favorite color) for being a great dad. Sometimes the easiest alternative is also the best one. Again, no oval blank, but you can do it as a suncatcher and apply it to the window closest to his favorite chair, where he will be able to stare at it after you leave and remember you fondly.
There is another smaller dog that would also make a good suncatcher. This is a beagle type dog and is really cute.

I'm not going to post a pattern for these items. They are simple enough that you can just right click on the image. Then click on "open link to a new window" and you can print it out from there. 


  1. These are also stained. It's not a simple job to do.

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