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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Traditional Fall Gallery Glass Designs

Bountiful Horn of Plenty - 12" Circle
The weather is getting cooler and harvest is in progress all around us. Roadside Stands and Farmers' Markets are brimming with beautiful fruits and vegetables. It not only makes me hungry, but it reminds me of how much we have to be thankful for. This elaborate cornucopia offers an opportunity to use Extreme Glitter by Plaid to differentiate between the horn and the plenty. It makes it a little more opaque and adds a bit of holiday glitz at the same time. I applied Hologram Glitter in dots and swirled the amber paint through it, then blended and combed with a nutpick--an easy technique that requires little time.

I love this design so much because-- first of all, it's food and painting food is the next best thing to eating it. And secondly because it is a big, bold, beautiful Fall/Thanksgiving decoration that bridges into Christmas beautifully. 

What's Thanksgiving without a Turkey?
It's hard to find a design that isn't too juvenile, but a realistic turkey isn't very attractive as a stained glass motif, so we finally settled on this one. He isn't a cartoon, but his multi-colored feathers have a whimsical quality. He is particularly effective surrounded by Indian corn, cornucopias and scarecrows. You can use an old photo frame and paint him on the glass, or you can just lead the design onto a leading blank and peel him off to go on the window. I really prefer Plaid's 8"x10" styrene blank because of the ease of storing him for the next year. This is a particularly good design for a kid's group. They will create colors of feathers you never dreamed of.

Lilies for Fall Color
The season is changing and it's time to take down the window decorations and cozy up to an earthy color palette. These lilies bloom with Fall colors and make a welcome addition to any room. 
This is a great time of year for Paintin' Parties. We hosted one this month that featured this very design.

This project will probably take about one hour to complete in a classroom setting, so we always offer multiple projects so that each painter can work at their own speed. Pacing is important--the challenge is to satisfy the experienced painters, without frustrating the beginners.

Autumn Leaves - 12" and 10" Rounds
Autumn leaves are falling! Why not celebrate the coming of Fall with a special suncatcher. This 12"
project offers the opportunity to create some new colors by blending the pure color with my favorite neutral color--Hologram Shimmer. It gives the hues a completely different look and softens them just enough to make it a super easy project for a beginner. Apply the pure color in dots in the section, then swirl the Hologram Glitter paint through the dots and use the combing tool from the tool set to thoroughly blend the two colors together, making a new, lighter sparkly color.


  1. Beautiful! I particularly like the horn of plenty and the autuimn leaves.

  2. Your work is beautiful as always! I've purchased some of the 10" rounds, but where can I locate the 12"? And do you have instructions on the chain and how to attach? Hopefully won't be a newbie forever!

  3. The only place you can get the 12" rounds is on ebay. Plaid closed them out to a vendor called Thrifty Crafter 2008. But she only puts them up on request. There are 12 rounds in a box. The box is $60 plus shipping and handling. If you go to her site and request, she will post them. Sorry, but that's the only place you can get them. They come with the chain already on them and 12 large suction cups.

  4. Carol, hate to bother you again, but I cannot figure out how to get a message to the Thrifty Crafter 2008 vendor to request that she post the 12" rounds so I may purchase them. I would appreciate your help. Thanks again, B.

  5. I contacted her myself and she said she had just received your email. Hopefully, you have found her reply. She will send a box of them out to you. There are 12 in a box with suction cups. You will have enough to share them with your other Glass Crafter friends!

  6. Thank you. I was able to finally figure it out. She was kind enough to respond, I ordered, and they are on their way! Hope to have some pictures to email to you .... soon.

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