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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Follow the Bunny Tracks with Gallery Glass

 Rebecca Crowfoot really likes to do is PAINT and she has recently been enjoying a group of Easter projects. Tuesday, she emailed me this darling photo of a Bunny she had painted. It is so cute and it could really work for the whole Spring season because there are no eggs around him. It would also look great in a baby's room or toddler's play room. Once you get started doing Gallery Glass, you will find that a wide variety of people like projects with animals in them. So don't be afraid to offer it as a gift, or even as a pattern if you happen to be teaching a GG class to adults. Someone-- will think it's the cutest design they have ever seen.
In fact, I had a number of bunnies lying around and thought this one would be lonely if I didn't bring them out. I didn't provide the patterns, but you can just click on them--print them out--and use that for the pattern and color key. BE CREATIVE!

Happy Easter!
Since I started a famous weight watching program, I have been thinking a lot about carrots and other healthy food. So I decided to adopt this next bunny as my weight program mascot! He reminds me that GOOD food--is also good FOR you! Who knew?

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