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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Crosses for Easter

Many people like to display spiritual, uplifting projects--especially at Easter time, but they can be a significant, meaningful gift--anytime. These 3 projects are similar in theme, but vary in difficulty. Perhaps you will find one that will work for a gift giving situation that is coming up in your life.

I like the message that the 3 crosses and the open Bible sends. It effectively portrays the motifs, without being too difficult to lead and paint. The pattern was developed for my daughter Renee who taught this project in a prayer group at her medical school last year. She chose the very vivid purple and blues to go around the circle and the vibrant yellows and oranges for the rays behind the crosses so that one would be reminded of church windows. Add the green grass and you have a project that everyone will love to paint. Remember I said that Beginners typically love to play with a lot of colors. The crosses and edge of the Bible pages are gold sparkle and that breaks the monotony of the bright colors with a metallic finish. The pages of the Bible are Cameo Ivory which grounds the center of the project with an opaque color.

If you have a surface like these lids available, you can adapt these simple religious patterns to fit them. You can also lead and paint the designs on the Leading Blanks. I would recommend a tape tip (see Leading Tips). The projects that I did were actually ink pad lids of which I happened to have had a whole box. But you could get the same effect by doing the designs on the Leading Blank and sticking them to the window arranged in a grouping. Or you could cut out some small rectangular shapes from the styrene blank, melt a hole and hang them like we did. 

Now let's look at some simple projects that let the message shine through. It is quick and easy, but elegantly reminiscent of real stained glass. I like to do it with a beginner student because it uses a lot of colors, but the spaces are small so they can complete it quickly. I also like the fact that you can walk around with it even while it's wet, because there is no Clear Crystal paint on the background.

3 Crosses Pattern
Gallery Glass Supplies: 16003 Cameo Ivory, 16004 Sunny Yellow, 16425 Citrus Yellow, 429 Pumpkin Orange, 16015 Ruby Red, 16011, Blue Diamone16012 Royal Blue, 16035 Lime Green, 16008 Kelly Green, 16024 Ivy Green, 16019 Gold Sparkle, 16095 Black Onyx, 16014 Amethyst, 16076 Black Liquid Leading, 16215 10" Round Blank.

Faith Suncatcher Patterns
Gallery Glass Supplies: 16011 Blue Diamond, 16012 Royal Blue, 16008 Kelly Green, 16015 Ruby Red, 16019 Gold Sparkle, Leading Blank

Stained Glass Cross Pattern
Gallery Glass Supplies:16017 Magenta Royale, 16014 Amethyst, 16008 Kelly Green, 16004 Sunny Yellow, 16015 Ruby Red, 16011 Blue Diamond, 16081 Crystal Clear, 16076 Black Liquid Leading, 16215 Oval Blank.


  1. Miss Carol I was just on the plaid website and was looking at the new Gallery Glass section and I have a question..when you go to the GG main page there is in small white letters "see more gallery glass" ok I clicked on that and it took me to another question is that free form flower project that uses no lead that is dislayed on that page I cant find the instructions for that project anywhere on the plaid you know where the info on that project is?

  2. You're so good. We're lucky to have you watching our back. The project has been fixed now and you should be able to get to it from the site, but just in case, here is the location
    By the way, if you haven't tried casting--it's pretty cool. Not fast enough for me, but good for people with patience.

  3. ohhh Miss Carol me and patience don't get along well LOL....we are mere acquaintances nothing more!! but I will attempt it reguardless LOL