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Friday, April 1, 2011

Meet Maria - Lady of the Lake

Maria emailed me about product availability and attached a picture of one of her windows. I knew you had to see it, so I asked for permission to print her pictures and story. She is so nice. You will love her alternatives to some decorating problems--and her talent for adapting designs. Remember, we learn from each other. Here is her explanation..........

"About ten years ago when I bought my home, I decided not to block my windows with curtains. Instead, I designed Gallery Glass windows for privacy in rooms where it was needed. I am an art teacher and like to "transform" the classics so Waterhouse is in my front window and Botticelli's Venus is in my bathroom. As I said, I'm not a "curtain" gal. I bought large sheets of acrylic at Home Depot, drilled two holes in the top, and hung the sheet from hooks in the bathroom. The advantage of this, is that I can easily remove them if I want a change and, if I ever sell the house (which I doubt since I love it!), I can take my work with me. I did a border of seashells and glass drops on that one. My current project is going to be two mermaids I've drawn (somewhat inspired again by Botticelli). I'm debating about the background because I like the idea of letting the light in with the Crystal Clear. I am retiring now and would love to do a new last project to get my home set for enjoying my time off."

"This is a design of my own creation (after Waterhouse) that I placed in my window over ten years ago; it doubled as an advertisement for my work. It is still there........."
shot from outside

shot from inside

This is the Bathroom window styled after Botticelli's Venus .

I want to thank Maria. It is wonderful to see the talent that our Glass Painters exhibit. Her creativity has a totally different feel than the Contemporary art that is so prevalent in today's decorating magazines. Her work reminds me of the Tiffany style. I especially love the use of the jewels and shells border around the bathroom panel.

Good job, Maria! We want to see more from you--as you find more time to create during an active, productive retirement,.


  1. ohhhh that bathroom widow is beautiful!!!!! Miss Carol do you know if she sealed it with anything after it dried to help protect it from water/moisture in the bathroom? I need to get my paints back out and start a new project after seeing this!

  2. I didn't know about the sealer when I did this and I wish I did. A few of the glass beads and shells "melted" off over the years (most likely due to the moisture) but I just stuck them back on with more product! Thank you for your comment.

  3. wow you said over the years? it looks like you just painted it, it's so you think a regular clear craft sealer would work on a bathroom painting? I've been tempted to do a bathroom painting but have been about steam and water ruining the painting over time...again great job!

  4. I would try the sealer Plaid makes. I am going to use it on my next one. I live by a lake and had a little fogging on all my unsealed pieces but they all cleared up when the weather changed. Trick is, DON'T touch it!

    Maybe Carol can comment on sealing an older piece. I would think it could be done if the piece wasn't dusty. I don't have much dust here but I have gone over these pieces a few times with a SLIGHTLY damp cloth to clean them. Best done on a dry day I would think.

  5. There is so much to say about moisture and it's effect on Gallery Glass paint. The dry paint has to lose all it's moisture before it is cured. Once it cures, it will not "mist up" or get "splotchy"--unless it is hanging in a window that is leaky during moist conditions--or one that "sweats"--which usually doesn't happen with thermopane windows, only single paned ones. The sealer has a higher percentage of acrylic resin and will protect it from dust. It makes the project more durable, but if the conditions are very moist, it could still cloud up again, because of a greenhouse effect--the sealer actually seals IN the moisture and slows evaporation. But, remember, paint that clouds up--will clear up again, once the himidity evaporates out of it. So remove the source of the moisture--or move the project to a dryer location--problem solved. It's complicated. Do I use sealer--NO--I don't feel that it offers any added advantage after the paint thoroughly cures. Do I put Gallery Glass in bathrooms--absolutely! Gallery Glass likes to live where YOU live--indoors, safe and comfortable. Should YOU buy sealer? It's added protection. If I were going to hang a piece in a public place where people would be touching it and scratching on it, yes, I would brush it on. You can add the sealer at any point, but wait until the paint is fully cured--at least 3 wks. in dry conditions. Good questions, not so good answers, but these are my opinions.