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Monday, April 4, 2011

A Word to the Wise is Sufficient!

To all my wonderful readers who are shaken by this unfortunate mishap, I will relay the story as it was told to the "over 50's Singles" class Sunday morning during SHOW & TELL.
Our friend, Jan, spent a long quiet day in Atlanta during "Snowmegeddon" this Winter doing Gallery Glass, since she didn't have to go to work. It turned out really well and she loved the cheerfulness of the Spring tulips. She decided that it looked almost like you were looking out a window.  Actually, she had always wanted a window behind the cooktop, so she could look out--while she (never) used it. She propped it up against the backsplash--behind the burners and instantly felt that Spring was just around the corner. But as the storm hung on, she decided to go culinary, so she turned on the "eye" (don't know what this is) and went to another room. Soon she smelled a plastic-y smell and came running in to find the piece had fallen face down onto the burner and was flaming up! Luckily, she was able to extinguish it without a call to the local FD, but it definitely is a good lesson on appropriate placement.
The styrene that comes in poster frames is very thin and has a low melting point. It shouldn't be placed above open heaters, stovetops, even windows that get a lot of afternoon sun. The Gallery Glass paint is waterbased and won't burn, but it will melt. The styrene, however, will flame up. So we learn a valuable lesson from this tragic accident. The class all had suggestions about how she could salvage the piece, but they all involved leaving half pieces of fruit, so I offered to lead another project for her. She looks forward to starting over and we will keep this one around to remind us...........a word to the wise.............


  1. I'm good....really good. What happened?

  2. I'm pretty good most of the time....ehhhh....alittle of the time Ask Dan Hughes LOL...don't leave us in suspense Miss Carol!!!

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  4. Bradford, I accidentally removed your comment. I was trying to correct a spelling error in my moist windows response to another question. Sorry, I'm still trying to learn this software.

    Yes, you've all been very good and I am going to tell the story by revising the post. It was fun to see your response. Thank you for reading the blog!