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Friday, April 29, 2011

More of Ali's Gallery Glass

Ali just continues to amaze us. The interesting thing about her is that she makes her living with Gallery Glass (gotta love that). Here are more pictures that you absolutely MUST see!

"I am kept busy with the items I do now and one of the places I take a stall (booth) is a large airshow each year and I developed some window clings of World War 2 airplanes to sell to aviation enthusiasts - I try to add a new one each year which can be a little challenging! I do end up a little cross eyed doing too many of these at a time with all the detail!"

Lancaster Bomber

"I am now self-employed and Gallery Glass (along with a few other ventures) actually is my living! It is really tough going but I really enjoy making designs which can be used on their own as a decorative piece in some one's home and every week someone has great suggestions for new subjects/colour schemes which is fantastic. ..........

Attached are some pics for your perusal - I have also make these into key rings with information about each plane on the reverse...
Hawker Hurricane
North American Mustang
I do a few others too but these are the most popular as they were involved heavily in 'The Battle of Britain' which of course is one of the most iconic battles in British history.
Not sure about my retirement plans yet - the National Lottery may have to play a big part for it to happen!! - but I am really enjoying my work now. It isn't the best time to not have a steady income but there is more to life than money isn't there! My husband is self-employed too so there is never a dull moment here!
We are all getting very excited and looking forward to the Royal Wedding on Friday. We have a public holiday for the day of the wedding so people are all happy to get an extra day off (especially as last week was a four day week because of Easter-- this week is a three day week with Easter Monday and the wedding on Friday and next week is a four day week again because of a holiday on Monday!"

Thank you, Ali,  for this wonderful history lesson. I told you the UK was a great place. Just look at all those opportunities to stay home from work and do Gallery Glass. 

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