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Friday, May 20, 2011

Breakfast Nook - revisited

Occasionally, in the past, I have gone too far. It really wasn't intended to be that way in the beginning, but with the urgency to always have "new" and "different" we targeted the dining area again. There was no way to go but "up". Up in detail and effort. You may remember this scene from a previous post, "Bring the Outdoors In"-- if you are interested in the lattice design that was used for the windows. It was simple and elegant. I loved it. 
But all good things must come to an end-- in the ongoing quest for book projects. I had a nearby house and it was a convenient alternative again, and again, and again. With 5 windows in the area to make over, we decided that the Gazebo look was a good choice, but we had already done lattice, so we researched Victorian Millwork. I flipped over the elaborate designs that I found and finally altered one of them, to fit our situation. I have to confess that we did the windows on inserts. There is no way that I would stand in one room long enough to vertically lead 5 windows--top and bottom. So the inserts worked great and the color scheme was quick and easy--Snow White and Crystal Clear.

But in this QVC kit, we also had a good selection of stencils, which included the lattice stencils and the column stencil. So we did the lattice stencil on the walls around the windows and the columns in the corners. It was all one color --a pale mix of Blue Bell and Wicker White FolkArt paints. The ceiling was sponged in the mixture. Greek Columns were stenciled between windows in Taupe. The Wild Vine One Stroke Placement stencil was traced and painted in pink and yellow roses over the Molding stencil which topped the Lattice motif and the roses were duplicated over the columns and lattice panels. The beveled light fixture featured the adapted rose design, as well.
The unfinished table and chairs were painted white and embellished with a One Stroke floral motif and the seats were stenciled with lattice. The Floor "cloth" was cut out of Vinyl Flooring and painted white on the BACK--the stenciling was done over the basecoat. The vinyl works well against the hardwood floor. By masking off with quilter's tape, we were able to creat Basil Green tile and the basecoat showed through to simulate the grout. The masked off border had lattice stenciled background and the One Stroke Placement Stencil that was painted with pink and yellow roses to match the walls. The Rope and Tassel stencil was painted over the tile on the outside edge. The napkins were painted with roses, too. My daughter Renee, who was in college at the time, helped me make over the entire scene. I could never have painted all those roses without her help. As I said, it was OVER done, but at least we were DONE
Thanks to our wonderful friend, Bradford, we have the pattern! He found it in his Archive of Gallery Glass Books and patterns. He scanned it and sent a copy. I was able to photoshop it for you and have even created a mirror image of the 1/4 pattern so that you will not have to do that. You can print out both halves and then enlarge it to exactly fit your glass.

Gallery Glass Supplies: 16081 8 oz. Crystal Clear, 16002 Snow White, Redi-Lead or Liquid Leading,


  1. Miss Carol I will start going thru my books and see if I have this kit....the pics I'm not too familiar with so this might be a kit I let slip by me..and if it is..I will kick myself LOL

  2. You are so good. Thank you for taking a look. It was a TSV on QVC in January of 1998. I have the German translation of the book, but the pattern sheets were ripped out. And our archive file was empty. So you are our last resort. The name of the book is Creative Interiors and it has the "iris doorway" on the front. I'll post that picture, so that you will know what you're looking for. Thanks, soooooo much!

  3. I would love to try this. How do you prepare the window? Does this not wash off? Can you clean the window? Do you also have to seal it?