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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gallery Glass Make it/take it for Youth

We have a wonderful man, Dan Phillips, in our church who is dedicated to the youth and helping them learn to raise money for charity. He specializes in unique fundraisers--the ones most of us would think were too much work. He had over 1000 come through their Spook House this last Halloween and all the features of the haunted basement were created and manned by the young people of the church. This Spring they decided to offer a Saturday afternoon event loosely based on the Minute to Win It show on Television. It sort of reminds me of the old "Beat the Clock" format, but updated with lots more gadgets. He asked all the church communities (classes) to participate and donate an activity. We chose Gallery Glass, of course, because we were asset driven. I have a lot of GG supplies on hand, so it was a logical choice. We voted on several possible designs and the class chose to do an ice cream Sundae. For several reasons, it was the best choice. One--it is very easy and quick to lead. Two --what boy or girl doesn't love ice cream?
We proceeded to lead over 250 ice cream sundae outlines. It was a daunting task, at first, as each volunteer class member took 12 panels, a pattern and a bottle of lead. I'm proud to report that everyone brought their pack back--completed. Most said that it was a great way to learn. They peeled some off, but by the time they finished 12 acceptable ones, they were leading much better. Some people even said, "Hey that wasn't so bad, give me another batch of blanks." Our super star in the leading department was Rebecca Crowfoot (left). She leaded about 100 panels--more than I leaded, actually. So we were good to go. We limited the colors to 7 (makes it easier to stock enough bottles) and bought curling ribbon as a tie in the hole in the top as a hanger, after they were dry. We had a lot of young at heart women show up to manage the Make it/Take it and it was a great success.
My Grandaughter, Samantha volunteered to help us, and was great with the set up responsibilities. Then somehow, we lost sight of her and she was caught in the frenzy of competition. I don't know if she won--or lost, but she sure had fun playing all the exciting games.
Most of the children, and a few adults found their way into the craft room to have a "go" at the Ice Cream Sundae. Some were disappointed that we didn't have actual ICE CREAM to reward them for a job well done, but that's a point to add to the concession next year. We didn't think about the possibility of painting one--would make the WANT one! For most of the painters, it was their first try at glass painting. They had a hard time believing that their milky paint was going to dry beautifully transparent, but I'll bet they had a nice surprise when they got up the next morning. Everything promise I made-- had come true.
All in all, it was a good day. Hundreds of children had some unique fellowship with their friends and neighbors and our group got to share our passion for the wonderful art of Gallery Glass. We have really BIG plans for next year.

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