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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mother's Day --celebrate with Gallery Glass

Every year we try to create the ultimate Mother's Day gift--something that expresses our love and appreciation for the woman who did so much for us. And if she is deceased, as mine is, we celebrate in other ways, such as honoring the mothers who are important to us NOW. Some of us honor our daughters or daughters-in-law because they take care of the most important people in our lives--our grandchildren! Some of you men will want to honor your wives and the mothers of your children. And even fewer of us can still celebrate with our grandmothers. But all in all, it is a celebration of feminine contribution and sacrifice for the general health and happiness of the universe. So bring out the roses and the candy! Let's see how we can honor Moms everywhere.
I chose to do this rose in pink because it was my Mom's favorite color. I used Magenta Royale and Hot Pink as the two shading colors, but I added a touch of Hologram Glitter to the edge of each petal and most of the leaves. That gave it a sparkle to the edges that was very festive. I used Gold Glitter for the letters, but you can use Gold Extreme Glitter in the 2 oz. size if you don't have the discontinued color. It was an easy project and one that can adapt quite easily the the favorite rose color of the Mom that you are honoring.

I also did a motif that was a little more casual. I thought it was a good project for kids. It has a smaller footprint and uses brighter colors.  But mainly it is different, so if you want to give two gifts, you have an additional pattern.
Here's another good Mother's Day design. It's the one we did this week for the children at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite to paint and give to their Mothers. It is very kid friendly because the spaces are large and the message is clear. The design can also be used for a personalized Valentine, so hold onto it for other occasions.

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