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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Meet Evelyn Fischer - Gallery Glass Doors are her passion!

Evelyn says, "I live in Washington and I do these projects in the winter during the rainy season which is upon us now." 

"I just finished my latest Gallery Glass project. Actually they are doors from an old office filing cabinet. I found them in my dad's shed. I had fun making them and searching for a pattern on the Internet. I found the pattern, but it was only a small graph. I took it up to our local "wrap and ship" store where they had an enlarging machine that enlarged it to fit my windows. I guessed at the colors to use.

"I have about 15 window frames that I will be doing this winter. I only do them when I can't get outside to work in the yard. I have to stay busy or go stir crazy. Can you tell that I'm retired?"

(I asked her to take a picture of these lovely doors in a window, although she displays them in her kitchen--against a wall. I thought that you would be able to see them better with light behind them.)

"I have been a crafter for a long time. When I was searching my fathers back storage shed I came across these Bookcases doors. I instantly thought that they would make a real cool stained glass set of doors that would look good in my house. So I cleaned them up and went to your your website to find a pattern that might fit this odd sized set of doors. I couldn't find anything that I thought would work so I went looking for free stained glass patterns that could be printed. I finally found a site that had what I was looking for. I printed them out and they were very small.  I wanted them enlarged to 9"wide by 29" long. He took out his little wheel and dialed in some numbers came out with the calculation, entered the numbers into the machine and and voila!! It printed out to the exact size I needed. The next step was to tape the pattern to the back of the doors. After that --is was all fun, fun, fun."
"I applied the Liquid Leading and the Redi-Lead. I let the leading dry for 24 hours. Then I started to get worried that the colors would not be what I wanted, because it is hard to tell what the colors are going to be until they dry-- and I didn't have a color chart. I got out my favorite book on this topic which is the one and only Windows, Glass Decor and More!  by Jan Cumber with designs inspired by Donna Dewberry;, and reviewed some of the colors I had used on my Rooster, which is in the book. I then squeezed the colors out on a leading blank land et them dry --to make sure the colors would be what I wanted."
"After picking out the colors I would be using, I filled in the pattern. and I used the Gallery Glass Tool get the texture the way I wanted it. I used the metal combing tool and a toothpick to swirl and pounce up and down in the color to get a bumpy look. I really liked the results I ended up with and the colors turned out better than I thought they would."

"I also wanted to add how much I enjoyed working with the Gallery Glass paints and my grandchildren love making the window clings so do I."

Eveyln, thank you so much for sharing your craft journey with us. It turned out so well. I love the way she used the doors in her kitchen. There are so many ways to use Gallery Glass in our decor--and hardly any other medium ties together a whole room--like Gallery Glass. Evelyn has a lot of new patterns, so we'll be hearing more from her by the time spring comes!


  1. I am thrilled I found this blog and post today! I simply love doing plaid glass and have always wanted to open up an online store. Seeing your beautiful works have inpired me to take the next step. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for sharing that praise for Evelyn's work. She is using it primarily for "mental wellbeing" but I applaud you for having a more profitable idea. Good luck, let us hear from you as you get started!

  3. Hi Carol,
    After posting I started researching crafts businesses, and it would seem now is really not a good time to open up shop, so I'll stay a happy hobbyist!

  4. BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL!!!! keep posting more pics of all of your paintings!!!!

  5. I like your blog really need for appreciation by the reader like me. If that is your passion I could say that you are such an artistic who could be able to do such craft like interior glass doors. Keep it up!