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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meet Tim Beauregard, wood worker and now Gallery Glass painter

And just in case you think Gallery Glass is only for the female gender, here's a new male artist that will knock your socks off.
I received this email and picture from Tim Beauregard a couple of weeks ago, and have been very interested in his story. He says that he is a beginner --can you believe it? These doors (in progress)-- for a cabinet that he's building--look like he's a seasoned professional. Some beginners start right out of the box--as designers--and Tim is a perfect example. Here's his story.

"This is my first project with painted glass.  I am more of a woodworker trying to incorporate uniqueness into my projects. It is a little funky as it represents a variety of things in my life... interests, accomplishments, and significant dates.  The two doors are for an entertainment cabinet.  I added lighting to the cabinet interior.  When the doors are closed I do NOT want to see into the cabinet, so all the remaining clear sections of glass need something. I don't want to just fill in with some kind of swirly clear effect.  Rather I would like to have some form of simple and tasteful background that everything "sits on."  In the picture, the doors are sitting on a white tiled table."

I relayed some information on backgrounds--suggesting various techniques with the Clear, Frost and Etching Medium, but the one he most liked was the idea of adding an opaque color - Cameo Ivory. 

He had a little help, however, being introduced to Gallery Glass. He tells the story of the refrigerator cabinet that he built last year for a customer. "This is a painting my sister Cheryl did on a cabinet that I custom built to house a wine chilling refrigerator.  She and I brainstormed ideas (I live in NC and she lives in GA, and we emailed), then I built the door and took it to her on Thanksgiving holiday.  By The beginning of the year she completed it and brought it back.  Then I delivered the finished cabinet in May."

Okay, Tim, we're convinced that you are a bonified Gallery Glass Artist! Please send us an updated picture of that memory door lighted cabinet --as soon as it is finished. Then we'll know if Cameo Ivory was your final choice. Hey, does this project give anyone else out there--ideas? How about a "Family Memory" Entertainment Cabinet?  You could tie everyone's hobbies and interests into one design--it could work. I'm beginning to see a Smith set of doors in my head, right now!

(update) Thanks, everyone for the wonderful welcome to Tim through your comments. He responded by sending the picture of the lighted entertainment center--in place. Here it is, looks like he went with the Cameo Ivory--nice job, Tim!


  1. WOW my jaw hit the floor on this one!!!! true artist at work he is...MORE PHOTOS!!!!!!

  2. Wow, thanks! All the pictures, in a sort of narrative, can be seen in a FaceBook album. I have made it public. Let me know if you can't see it. REALLY had fun with this.

  3. As blogger love to research more on how things being useful the tips and tricks to us beginner woodworking, i appreciate this blog site and learn some knowledge of it. thank you.

  4. Amazing work - I can't believe this is a first attempt! Tim, you are a true natural!!

    Great stuff - photos when finished, please...

    Ali x

  5. Tim, contratulations on all the encouraging comments. You've gotten more than any new artist, so far. Nice work, and thank you for sending the "finished" pictures. I'm posting them now. Thanks, readers ALL, for making Tim feel welcome.

  6. Nice job. I've been thinking of lighting a photo frame with rope light but wasn't sure it would work, now I know it will.