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Friday, January 6, 2012

Help me find the Gallery Glass Rooster pattern!

Thanks to Bradford for looking through all his books. He found this beautiful rooster in one of our old QVC kits. I had forgotten about it. And he was kind enough to send the pattern so that our reader can make it if he likes it. Bradford, you're the greatest!

Previous post: I just received this question from one of our readers. I can't place the pattern, although I probably have the book in the Archives if one of you can help me find what book it is in.
Here's the question:
"I have misplaced a rooster pattern suncatcher that I believe was featured in one of your pattern books. I can't remember where I saw it. As I recall it was a barn scene with a rooster in the foreground. Richly colored. I made it for a friend but now I can't find the pattern. I know this description is sketchy but I was hoping that you might know where I can locate the pattern or the book it was featured in."

My email is If you know this pattern shout it out and I will post it.

Here are two designs that I have found so far--not suncatchers and no barn, but A for effort, right?
This is a rooster that I found. It is created more in the abstract style of design. I am including the pattern so that you can  enlarge it to fit your favorite project.

These roosters were made to fit my butler's pantry doors for one of the One Stroke inspired Gallery Glass books. I wish Jan Cumber had made enough panels to fit all 6 doors. Unfortunately, the 2 were done just for photography. They are gorgeous. I love the fact that they are relatively opaque, so that they hide the plates and glasses that are stored in the cabinets. If you want the pattern, I can scan and add it to the post.

Thanks Evelyn Fischer for this information: the rooster pattern above appeared also in a Plaid Book--Windows, Glass Decor & More by Jan Cumber and Designs Inspired by Donna Dewberry.

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  1. Miss Carol, I went thru every Gallery Glass book and Great Glass book I have and I cannot find a rooster in front of a barn suncatcher....I did find a brightly colored suncatcher of a rooster from a suncatcher kit that was offered oh HSN a couple years back and so I scanned it and emailed it to you..maybe it could be of use....if you need any more patterns just let me know