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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Larra and Madison give Gallery Glass!

I would like to introduce the work of two new friends of Gallery Glass. Larra and Madison live near Silver Spring, MD and wish to share their wonderful creative holiday project. I love that Larra let Maddie draw her own designs. That does wonders for artistic confidence. Sometimes we can severely micro-manage when it comes to doing crafts with kids. Larra has found a perfect project--one that doesn't require a lot of input from her--except the pesky leading. Believe it or not--Leading can become a favorite sport. My 7 and 10 year old granddaughters would rather lead than paint. Perhaps it is because it's what they seeing me doing most of the time. I lead--so that other people can discover the wonders of painting. I love the idea of the circle Clings in the CD case. This idea would work with Spring blossoms, just as well. Here is Larra's story in her words.
"I am a huge fan of Gallery Glass! Here are a couple of projects I've done...The first is my Christmas project - my little one and I created these as gifts for all of her family. Madison, who is 8, drew her own designs on circles I made, then I did the leading and she and I filled in the colors together. She chose all the colors and having done so, has learned how they work really well. I can't wait to make another batch with her and see what she'll do differently. She was so proud to hand them out on Christmas. We put each one in its own clear CD jewel case, which made them easy to wrap and easy to store!
The second is the window in my mom's nursing home. My niece Angela and I created random flowers and birds and created a "garden" for her view. The photo doesn't do it justice, it's really beautiful in person."

Larra's Mom is lucky to have such colorful motifs to add to her view, which is pretty great already. I can just imagine how much color is added when the sun shines in--and maybe even more impact when the outlook is gloomy. For people who spend a lot of time in bed, a window garden can be a real blessing. Thanks, Larra, for sharing both of these great ideas with us. Keep up the creative discovery process with Madison and your niece and don't forget to send more pictures!


  1. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful work...please do send more photos of your work!!!!! and I really like the idea of using CD cases to store and give your clings in as do you go about using the CD case to keep your clings in? GREAT idea and again BEAUTIFUL work..please show us more!!!

  2. Bradford, thank you! I purchased clear cd jewel cases from and removed the middle section (usually holds the CD). Then I put each cling inside of one, wrapped them and Madison gave them as gifts at Christmas. Now each recipient has a case for their cling for storing between holiday seasons! Does that help?

  3. did you use a cd as a pattern for the size of the suncatcher so that it would fit inside the cd case?..did you place the suncatcher on top of a piece of plastic inside the case or just lay it on the inside of the case itself? the cd case is a wonderful idea...makes me start thinking of the possibilities..HHMMMMMM