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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gallery Glass Peacock above the entry door

I promised that I would show you some bigger projects, so at the risk of you thinking that I'm more than slightly deranged--here is the biggest picture I've ever done. It was so wide that I had to order a special piece of 6' wide plexiglas to get it large enough. Even then --getting a pattern of the palladium window was a trick because I had to stand almost on top of a 10" ladder just to press the paper all the way around. The bad news-- it wasn't very accurate and after I got the piece leaded and painted, it wouldn't fit into the opening. So I tried to trim the finished piece and force it into the opening and it cracked the plastic. I managed to wedge it into the space however, and took the picture at the bottom --from the floor. I apologize for the poor image of the window, but I think you can see that I have a very compulsive nature when it comes to using Gallery Glass in my home. 

You can see the position of the large Tiffany lamp fixture in this photograph. That's why I couldn't take a shot straight on--from the landing at the top of the stairs. From that vantage point, the fixture was square in the middle of the scene. I had to include the entire picture because you really can't appreciate what a feat this was-- without seeing the height of the entry and the LADDER I had to stand on. It frightened all the dogs and small children away. I really don't know how I did it. I was younger then. I wouldn't climb to the top of that ladder now for all the pearls in the ocean!
I'll bet you're wondering why I didn't take a picture of it before I tried to mount it. I'm wondering that myself. Unfortunately, these are the only shots that I have of the project. When I moved to another residence, we removed the plexiglas from the entry window and stored it against a wall in the basement of my present home. The crack that I mentioned above-- continued to run across the plastic under the paint--and broke completely in the middle. The top folded over and the paint on the top half of the window glued itself to the bottom half. I was pretty distraught when I found it. Can anyone think of a use for a 60" plexiglas sandwich?


  1. Hi Carol,
    WOW, what a beuatiful projects are these last two!!
    I'm a huge fan off Gallery Glass for years!!
    Ever since I saw you on QVC UK, I have ordered all the kits you did bring overthere!Later when you also apperaed on QVC Germany, I followed you too!!
    I'm following your blog for a year now and I'm loving it!
    Are there any new books or patterns available?
    With kind regards, Anita from The Netherlands.

    1. Hi Anita..I"m Bradford..would love to see some pics of your work posted on here!!! I love to see what everbody is painting!!

  2. Anita, wonderful of you to email. And thank you for the comments. These are some old projects that I haven't shared with anyone--mostly because they were not Plaid patterns, so I really couldn't show them --until the opportunity for the blog came along. Unfortunately, there are no new GG books from Plaid at the moment. However, Dover publishing is a wonderful source for patterns, although the patterns are not color keyed to Gallery Glass paints, but an experienced GG crafter can interpret them easily. If you go to and put in "stained glass patterns" you will see many choices. The ones that I did for the last 2 GGC posts came from one of their books: Tiffany Windows Stained Glass Pattern Book ISBN 0486298531 - $8.95. Here is another good one: Tiffany Designs Stained Glass Coloring Book ISBN 048626792x - $ 6.99. If you like the Tiffany style, you will love these books that make the patterns simple to enlarge to your specifications.
    Keep in touch!

  3. Oh Miss Carol you and your Tiffany paintings LOL..they are beautiful as always....I ordered the Tiffany GG kit you had YEARS ago on QVC and the first project I did was the peacock..did it on a 24x36 poster plastic and used the frame that came with the poster....took me about 3 months to do because I am soooo nit picky about imperfections.....had it hung on the wall for about a year but one day it fell off the wall the poster plastic that I had painted on was soooo thin that it cracked over half of the was not salvageable....luckily I did take pictures of it..and I learned a valuable lesson...use plexiglass and NOT the thin poster frame plastic!!! LESSON LEARNED!!!!!