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Monday, April 16, 2012

Ivy Bowl Gifts with Gallery Glass

Clear Ivy Bowls are available in most craft stores and dollar stores. With these wonderful ideas, you can create unique one-of-a kind gifts that are both functional and decorative--not to mention fun to make. These wonderful ideas were created in '04 by my wonderful and creative friend, Jacque Hennington from Hamburg, AK. It was a Plaid book that is out of print and many of the products such as Redi-Lead Shapes, Stick-Ons and Etching Stencils have been discontinued, but don't let that stop you. You are creative glass crafters and you can take the idea and adapt it to fit your needs and available supplies. I apologize in advance for the print being so small, but I wanted to scan the projects as one document, so that you can click on it and print it out. Use the instructions on the Message Board to accomplish this feat. By the way, this is only the first half of the year's designs. I'll do the 2nd half of the year later. Good luck!

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