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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More Redi-Lead and Gallery Glass Designs

Gallery Glass just keeps getting more versatile and exciting. My life long dream came true in the '90s when Redi-Lead was introduced for doing vertical window projects. Prior to that, you had to make pages and pages of squeezed out (liquid) lead strips, let them cure, peel them up, piece them together and apply them to a clean window in order to create the framework of the design. But Redi-lead had two magic words that made it the craft invention of the decade--peel and stick. The best news was that it REALLY stuck--even after you put the paint on the window. Wahoo! A whole new creative era was launched. Now, vertical windows could be done in hours --instead of days!
The thing you will love about the patterns in this post is that the approximate footage of Redi-Lead is printed with the design along with the size of the pattern as shown--for enlarging
This Redi-Lead post contains very simple designs so that a first time crafter can be successful. However, design variations are possible just by adding more colored or textured areas. For more privacy, use the Crystal Clear Window Color to stipple, sponge or brush on additional covering. I think you will enjoy your creative experience with Redi-Lead because every home has at least one window--that needs Gallery Glass and the easiest way to create the project is with wonderful amazing Redi-Lead.

Here are a collection of round, oval and rectangular designs for frameable art designs that you could also adapt to fit almost any size or style of window. Here's an idea. Do the basic framework of the design with the circle in the middle, then you can change out the design seasonally with clings. The flexibility would be especially fun for an office front door.

The designs below are more suited for divided pane, door, sidelight & transom designs. There are also full view front door designs that don't have dividers. Repeated motifs often look more contemporary, where as a floral free form "winding" motif is more often seen in traditional or country decorating themes.

Here are some single pane designs that work well for door lights and those really large bathroom windows that nobody wants to cover up with curtains.
A double hung window is sometimes hard to design for because it has a natural divider in the center of the space. You almost have to treat the project as two separate designs, but the same design is usually repeated in both. Here are some examples.


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  3. I am looking for the Home Sweet Home pattern and the Santa pattern from Plaid/Gallery Glass from around 1990. Do you know where I can get a copy of these two patterns, I used to have them and did both of them, but the pattern is gone and both have broken. PLEASE HELP! Thank you.

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