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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kristin's First Project

Kristin has a friend who admires Ironman--a lot, and she thought it would be the perfect gift for him to hang in his bedroom window. She is an Assistant Product Manager for Plaid-- a young "twenty something" artist and experienced crafter, who had never experimented with Gallery Glass before. She saw it as an opportunity to express her artistic talent in an entirely new medium. I was quick to give her advice and offer some on-the-spot demonstrations on leading and painting.

 She had a photo of Ironman and worked diligently to enlarge and render it into a segmented design.. Once I had shown her the leading basics with the tape tip, she tried her luck--and was AMAZING! Believe it or not, the intricate detailed outlines shown in the image above--were her FIRST attempt. It helped to outline the outside and border with Redi-Lead because it is easier to attain a straight line.
She also used her artistic skill in coloring the image. The rounded three dimensional feeling to the painting, is a result of the shading and highlighting that she was able to accomplish. Kristin commented, "I definitely didn't get the shading correct the first time around. But with the translucent properties of the paint, I was able to paint layers on a few sections that I wasn't happy with. It was definitely a relaxing project." 
One of the colors that worked well in the project was the Gold Sparkle. It appears beige when light comes from behind, but is wonderfully metallic when light bounces off the front of the painting. You can compare this difference in "face" value below in the image photographed against the white table.

Needless to say, the recipient was duly impressed with her work. I wish that I could say that all of you would have the same success with your first project, but..................probably not. 
However, that should not deter you from trying. How long has it been since you picked out a subject that is near and dear to one of your friends--and interpreted it into a Gallery Glass masterpiece? If it's been a while, think of all the love and gratitude you're missing!


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