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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Thanks" Plaques, Signs and Nameplates with Gallery Glass

I am often asked to create a "thank you" gift--by a friend or family member. In the past, I have designed a different type of project for each request, which I enjoy doing, but I don't always have the luxury of time to create NEW.
So, for the most recent request, I came up with this design that can be adapted for almost any occasion.The letters spelling out the sentiment will remain the same, but the space below it can be adapted to almost any person or group. The "Bilotti Gang" happens to be the staff of a local Chik-Filet, so I used the corporate colors: red, white and black for this project. The color scheme is easily adaptable to almost any combination.
If you have a special request or a reason to make a "Thanks" gift, now you will have a new alternative. Print out the pattern and stick it in your design file. Trust me, you will eventually need it.
Many of you are affiliated with various groups, and inevitably the question of signage comes up. You want to communicate your identity, but you don't know how to make an attractive, professional-looking sign. Gallery Glass is the answer. Then there are the people who have a treasured asset, such as a boat or a recreational vehicle for which you wish to create a nameplate. Gallery Glass solves this problem, too. In this section, we are going to show people and their signs. Of course, you won't need the pattern, but hopefully you will get some ideas for your special project.

Our favorite Charity Volunteer, Tom Umstead, is 77 years young and lives in North Atlanta. He spends part of almost every week day, picking up donations and delivering them to the non-profits organizations all over the city. What a great service he performs for the community. Plaid donates paint and pre-leaded blank Suncatchers for the children to paint. Many of the projects you see in this blog were originally created for the kids in the hospital.

Of course, Tom needs a lot of help to accomplish this monumental task, so his beautiful wife Lucrecia Umsted and I are his cheap labor. I am his Liquid Leading expert and Lacretia is the boss. She keeps Tom focused and on schedule--at all times.

The next 4 signs were made for some of the local businesses that donate bouquets of flowers and baked goods to the nearby children's charities

This sign was so much fun to make because the Bakery at this local business makes the most delectable treats. It was hard to find illustrations that looked as good as the real things taste. But we came close. These painted cakes and muffins really do look almost good enough to eat.

My favorite sign to paint was this elegant display of fancy desserts. I've wolfed down many a delicious cookie from this fabulous Bakery, but remember, painting food is always preferable to eating it--no calories.
Our favorite fast food chain has been so generous on too many occasions to mention, so we decided to create a special thank you plaque incorporating their logo.
It's almost time for another Vacation Bible School and Tom thinks of me as his own personal sign maker. So when he came in with the new theme logo, I knew what was in store for the weekend. This year, they want to promote the series of classes citywide, expecially in some of the more depressed parts of the city where children don't have as much opportunity for free summer camps and religious retreats. Although it was a hard logo to do because of the very intricate lettering, with the help of my tresured "Tape Tip Technique", I was able to interpret it pretty well, I think. The real test will be when we see how many students we attract during the enrollment sessions.

Now, let's explore the wide world of nameplates. This is the sign for my houseboat. I can move it around, put it inside the boat in the winter--even change the name if I think of a better one--just by making a new sign. It's the perfect medium for a nameplate AND everyone thinks that I spent a lot of money on it.
Serenity Abounds in this Place
Many people have a place that is special to them. Maybe it's the curch they attended as a child, or a shcool building, or a sorority house. The emotional sgnificance of the place cannot be underestimated and sentiment is a good motive for gift giving. I created this nameplate for a friend whose family has been huge supporters of the camp for generations. She first asked me to do the rendering as an entry in a silent auction to raise money for the camp and the youth that attend it every summer. That piece was so successful, that she asked me to do another one for one of the parishoners who was out-bid at the auction and couldn't bear to miss out. If your goal is to make money with your crafting, don't forget to look for buildings, logos, or mascots that are sentimental to a local group of people. You may get tired of doing the same design. I couldn't bear to do this one exactly like the original, so I put Fall color in the trees. It made it much more fun for me.

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