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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Candy Corn Halloween Plate

If you have a favorite candy, you can readily see the advantages of having it painted on a dish, as opposed to the real thing (no calories). That was certainly the motive behind this project. I displayed it on a clear easel and can imagine putting another clear glass plate full of the delightful morsels in front of the watchful jack-o-lantern--who, by the way, has eyes, nose and mouth that glow-in-the-dark, thanks to our friend the G-I-T-D Mod Podge. However, if you choose to be true to your diet, just display the dish and forget the real candy.
If you can't find real glass plates, don't forget the wonderful clear plastic plates that are available at your local party store. This one is the 10" size. This clear easel is available at most hobby stores. You could make a trio of these standing plates and put them across your kitchen window or as decorations on a Halloween buffet. If you want to use the plate AS a candy dish, be sure to do the designs on the BACK of the plate, not the front and hand wash, please.

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