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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Reena Returns to Glass Painting in India

I am continually amazed (and humbled) by the number of glass painters around the world who follow our blog. I have been corresponding with this lovely lady from India for several months and according to her--we have inspired her to pick up glass painting again--after a long absence. That's good news for us and hopefully, the happy return to a fulfilling pastime for her!

 In the first email from Reena she introduced herself, "I'm writing to you from Bombay, India. I just want to thank you for your wonderful site, so painstakingly put together with loads of warmth that shines through. I've been planning to revive my glass painting, which I used to do about a decade ago and was looking for tips on how to cure painted glass. After going though numerous blogs, I came across yours and found it such a Godsend. I was so happy with your explanations and illustrations."

"I have just one sun catcher, with a praying angel, that hangs in my bedroom window. This is one of the many pieces of glass--suncatchers, frames--that I had painted in the early 2000's when the glass painting bug had bitten. She's a picture of serenity, I tell you. She gives expression to my unspoken prayers as I look at her, first thing in the morning. She was painted at the turn of this century, if I may give it a slightly historical twist. It would also explain the fading of her robe and wings. I had painted the angel for my parents and let it hang in their window in Goa where they stayed, till my mum passed away. Then I brought it over to my place in Bombay. I'm in the process of getting back to glass painting after several years and it feels good. I'm hoping my hands are still steady. Thanks once again for your encouragement. I'll mail you pictures of my work as and when I churn out."

I didn't hear anything for a few months, then happily I received these additional images and this sweet email from Reena, "I have been enjoying glass painting since the time I last wrote to you. Thank you so much for the encouragement that your website provided. I'd like to attach a few pictures of glass paintings done with the help of pictures from your site. I hope you like them!"

Oh, how we like them! They are delicate and so well done. It's easy to see that she still has the delicate touch that characterizes the first piece that she sent us. I'm not sure that it's Gallery Glass, since it may not be available in India, but you could certainly use our product to get the same effect. Thank you, Reena, for sharing you "comeback" with us. I feel like we got to climb along on your road to success! Keep us in the loop on future projects! 


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