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Monday, January 27, 2014

Gallery Glass on TV in the UK!

This picture was taken a few weeks ago in Anaheim CA during the Craft and Hobby Association trade show and was broadcast live in the UK. The lovely lady to my left is Leoni Pujol, one of the competent hosts for Create and Craft Shopping Network. Of course, we were demonstrating the wondrous features and benefits of Gallery Glass!
And now, I'd like to officially welcome the television viewers from the UK who purchased the Gallery Glass kits--to our blog. We have been building the content of Gallery Glass Class for almost 4 years and our goal is to upload every known Gallery Glass Book and pattern and project that we possibly can. I think you will find that there is a wealth of information and inspiration among these blog files. You can find them categorized over on the right hand side under my story. For instance, if you are looking for a seasonal project, you will find them categorized: Spring, Winter, Summer, Fall and Christmas. You will also find everyday projects and a wonderful category entitled the Artists' Gallery where our readers have sent in projects that they have made. I post them along with their comments and stories. This is a teaching site - not a selling one. You will find product and surfaces available from, but we don't sell from this site.
However, I will give you tips from time to time about how to adapt surfaces and create your own accessories, as well as how to create your own patterns, using your own furnishings as inspiration. A wonderful group avid Gallery Glass Crafters have put their heart and soul into these archives. Enjoy perusing the contents and let us hear from you.

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