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Thursday, February 19, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Icons with Gallery Glass

Some holidays have a plethora of icons for Gallery Glass Clings and framed art while others have very few. St. Patrck's Day is one with only a few!

Here you will see some of the most popular subjects. Rainbows are often seen with pots of gold and Leprechans befitting the occasion, and Clover has a broad usage. Let's look at the Rainbow, first. The project on the left is very simple and makes a good project for a group. Outlined on the 8"x10" styrene blank, it is quick and easy to lead, as well as to paint. Kids will love this design. You can us Gold Spakle or Gold Glitter for he contents of the pot, so that you won't have to outline individual coins.

The round rainbow with the Leprechan's face is more elaborate and takes longer---both to lead and to paint. The face is round and chaming and I really like his hat with the band and buckle. The sprigs of clover add to the spirit of the holiday. Speaking of rainbows, in case you haven't noticed, red is always at the top of the rainbow and most have at least 6 stripes. You don't have to follow this recommendation, but the kids will correct you--they learn this rule in kindergarten coloring class.

The next icon that is very recognizable for St. Patrick's Day is CLOVER--3 leaf or 4, depending on the design. I think that either one is acceptable, but you let me know if that is not the case.
My favorite seasonal "green" motif is the Clover Wreath--it's versatility will amaze you. Shown here in all greens, it is fresh and vibrant--a fitting tribute to Spring. I used Kelly Green, Lime Green and Ivy Green, but you can also use some of the green glitters to give it more sizzle, such as the 2 oz. Extreme Glitters--2789 Peridot and 2794 Emerald.

The Clover Wreath makes a good Gallery Glass Color Chart. Many people don't know how to mix colors so it makes sense to arrange it like the Color Wheel. Red, Yellow and Blue are the Primary colors and are placed alternately around the outer ring. Orange, Green and Purple are the Secondary Colors and they go in between the appropriate primary hues. The Tertiary colors will work in the small clovers. This design makes a really good teaching tool for your classes and everyone will LOVE painting it.

My feeling is that the 4 leaf clover is more generally associaed with "good luck", but you will see it here used with the clay pipe. Added to the other Irish motifs, I think it tends to round out the selection--even though I'm not trying to endorse smoking. You laugh, but I did pass up a number of desgns picturing pitchers and mugs of green beer. But maybe that's just a Savannah, GA concept.

 You can enlarge the Wreath pattern to fit either a 12" round or a 10" round blank. I have noted the colors for both versions of the wreath design.
Gallery Glass Supplies:
Green Version; 16024 Ivy Green, 16008 Kelly Green, 16035 Lime Green, 16076 Black Liquid Leading, 16081 Crystal Clear.
Color Chart Version: 16015 Ruby Red, 16429 Pumpkin Orange, 16004 Sunny Yellowm 16008 Kelly Green, 16012 Royal Blue, 16014 Amethyst, 16017 Magenta Royale, 16005 Orange Poppy, 16035 Lime Green, 16036 Turquoise, 16457 Plum, 16076 Black Liquid Leading, 16081 Crystal Clear.


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