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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Classic Irises with Gallery Glass

May is one of my favorite months of the year. The roses are blooming like crazy because it's not too hot for them-even in Atlanta. And of course, the most regal flowers of them all are blooming at their peak all over town. I cherish every wonderful bearded color combination because I never met an iris I didn't like--from wild blue to native lavender to black bearded ones--they are all spectacular. Louis Comfort Tiffany liked irises, too. In fact, you will find them in many of his church windows and they are especially stunning in this portion of a much larger work done for a private home in the Northeast. I hope that he would forgive me for stealing a bit of the purple splendor for this 24"x36" poster frame. It could hang in a bathroom window, or be painted directly ON the window for that matter (warning, this method could take a lot of "standing" patience)! I'm not going to post the pattern, unless you ask for it. I have a lot of shading that I do not wish to revisit--but for you--I would. As long as you promise to send us a picture when it is done.
Otherwise, you might like irises, but don't necessarily want to spend the next week painting them. Then you might want to start with our Spring Flowers pattern and work your way UP. This is a simple design that can be done on an 8"x10" styrene OR here's an idea. Make multiple tulips, daisies and irises and put them along the bottom of a mirror for a May burst of color in your bath. And if this one is a little too simple for you. Wait until you see what I have for you later in the week!
Okay, I'm here to accommodate you and your quest for the perfect project. Here is the pattern and the color key for the Tiffany Irises. I finally found it in an old book that had been translated into German. I'm not sure about the commentary, but I have the colors. I just hope that you can see the numbers when you print it out to 24"x36. I wouldn't recommend doing it any smaller. It's much too detailed.
Gallery Glass Supplies: Crystal Clear 16081, Snow White 16002, Cameo Ivory 16003, Sunny Yellow 16004, Cocoa Brown 16007, Kelly Green 16008, Emerald Green 16009, Denim Blue 16010, Blue Diamond 16011 Royal Blue 16012, Amethyst 16014, Rose Quartz 16016, Magenta Royale 16017, Amber 16020, Berry Red 16023 and Ivy Green 16024.


  1. oh Miss Carol that first tiffany painting looked familiar...was that in the Tiffany Kit you sold on QVC years ago? I ordered that kit and my first GG project I ever did was the peacock...I learned under fire LOL....I remember sitting up at 2-3 am every for months working on that peacock.....

  2. It is a previous Plaid Book 9449. It is called Tiffany Windows. I only have the German Translation left, but the patterns are still okay. Numbers are universal, thank goodness. However, it is not the book with the Peacock. That was a Today's Special Value on QVC. It only had the 2 Tiffany designs. This one has the 2 parrots in it--another favorite. I will have to share it with our readers--later. You really should do this one, Bradford. No excuses. It's not nearly as detailed as the Peacock feathers!

  3. I know I have the Tiffany Windows book..somewhere...I just have to dig thru years of stuff to find it LOL.....I still have a crick in my neck from leaving over for months working on that peacock LOL

  4. This is so beautiful, I wish I can have this in our home also and I hope that this won't be so expensive to invest. Glass company

  5. I did this design on a 3' x 4' plexiglass for my bathroom window, it turned out awesome. I downloaded a software to print the design on standard size paper, then trimmed them and taped them together to put the design on the back of the plexiglass for painting. Majestic Bath Art 20131105_070532.jpg