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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Inspiring Plaques of Gallery Glass

Spring is the time of year that our minds focus on new life. The flowers are peeking out of beds, the trees are budding and little eggs are hatching in little nests all over the world. It's a beautiful time of year--full of promise and hopes to improve the quality of our lives. Inspiration is an important part of this process and these plaques just might help to accomplish those all important personal goals. Since the time of Christ, artists have reflected their faith in stunning works of spiritual art. In the designs that follow, you'll find traditional icons--the dove of peace and crosses - interpreted in fresh new ways to brighten your home and inspire you throughout your busy day.

Ever since Noah and the Great Flood, the dove has symbolized peace and new beginnings. The Peaceful Dove is certainly one that can be displayed in a variety of ways, but putting it in a plate stand is probably the most effective because it allows the light to come through the back of the plate. I also changed the color scheme a bit and painted it on a 12" round chain wrapped plexi blank.
I love painting food and "Our Daily Bread" Decorative Plate is a wonderful way to communicate a religious message. The cross in the center of the plate is a unique shape and effectively pulls the food into the theme.
I love these projects so much that I am adapting them as projects in a new Spring Gallery Glass Class that we have scheduled later in March. They will be wonderful with Easter projects but can also be displayed for other holidays--later in the year, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Tom Umsted, our favorite children's Gallery Glass volunteer teacher, requested a dove panel for his pastor who is currently delivering a series of lessons on the symbolism of the dove. I thought that the round one would not be conducive to display behind a speaker, so I found a picture of a church window on the Internet and altered the pattern drastically--adapting the 30' window display to fit a 12"x18" poster frame. I think that it looks very inspirational. I would like to do a larger one for our Sunday School Room, now that I have done most of the color key work. It is always faster to paint a piece the 2nd time around, I'm sure that I can enlarge the design to fit a 24"x36" poster frame. 

The Peaceful Dove Decorative 10" Plate
Gallery Glass Supplies: Crystal Clear 16001, Snow White 16002, Royal Blue 16012, Gold Sparkle 16019, Amber 16020, White Pearl 16021, Ivy Green 16024, Light Brown 16426, Liquid Leading 16076, Tool Set 16225, 10" Round Plate, Brown Nuggets.

Our Daily Bread Decorative 8" Plate
Gallery Glass Supplies: Cocoa Brown 16007, Royal Blue 16012, Ruby Red 16015, Magenta Royale 16017, Gold Sparkle 16019, Amber 16020, Ivy Green 16024, Amethyst 16014, Light Brown 16426, Turquoise 16036, Liquid Leading 16076, Tool Set 16225, 8 " round glass plate.


  1. Hi Miss Carol...BEAUTIFUL work as always...what colors did you use on the hands coming from the water? is that cameo ivory?

  2. You have a good eye. I outlined with Canyon Coral and filled in the center with Cameo Ivory. I almost outlined with Cocoa Brown and filled in with Lite Brown, but Cocoa is much more transparent and I was afraid that it wouldn't look right.
    Thanks for the compliment, also. My daughter (who found the design) loved it. She thought I did a good job interpreting the artwork into Gallery Glass colors, which is not always easy to do.

  3. Miss Carol I know you have said before that Plaid will not be doing any new GG books...but do you think they will ever take all of the previously published GG books and adapt them for "E books"? I've been thinking of getting a good e reader and would love to one day have all of my GG books together on a reader..

  4. Good suggestion. I forwarded it to our President and to my boss, VP of Marketing, to see if it could be accomplished. There are legal issues and a number of other hurdles, but there could possibly be a compilation of projects put together at Plaid and released through an E books provider. We recently completed such a book for Mod Podge. But, thank you for the suggestion. I will update this post as I get feedback from management.