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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Deck the Hall with Gallery Glass Roses

Many of you will remember this picture from a February post. It is one of my favorite images because it shows these elegant flowers in 8 different colorways. I like it so much that I used it in a completely new project this week. One of my friends retired yesterday and I was asked to contribute to the room decor - especially the table and window decorations. In the past, one of our products was the clear glass blocks and it was suggested that I use them for a surface so that they could serve as a floral vase for table floral arrangements.  The first flower to come to mind is the ROSE. I thought it would be so pretty to interpret these images and colorways to the glass blocks. Since they are square, I chose to leave out the rose bud. See the results below.

Here is a picture of the right side of the room taken from the front.

Here is a picture of the left side of the room taken from the back. You can see my Gallery Glass window decor and the free-standing Tiffanesque lighted Parrot picture that I had made years ago.

These were so much fun, I thought you might want to see how I combined the vases with flowers from the florist and some of the roses and filler flowers that I picked from my front yard.


If you are interested in the pattern and color suggestions for all the different colors, click on Spring Holidays on the right side of the home page. The original story was posted on February 18th, 2013. Hopefully, you are inspired to interpret these beautiful May roses in your own unique opportunity. Maybe make them for a dinner at church or your club. There is no end to the possibilities when you start with Gallery Glass Paint.


  1. Those came out great. Thank you for your email with tips on how I can coat the inside of that jar. So far nothing's worked! lol I'll keep trying though. Clearly the glass paint should only be used on flat surfaces.

  2. Hi Carol, I was so pleased to see Gallery Glass on C&C I have many lovely designs done from your first visits on another shopping channel 15 - 20 yrs ago. I remember doing an entry for a competition coming 3rd.. I have lots of Plaid products beaded tree skirts etc but the glass is my favourite discipline along with card making of which I did some demonstrations for with C&C. I look forward to more shows in the near future.

    1. Hi, Tidy, you are so kind. I LOVE coming to the UK and sharing projects with the crafty girls across the pond. I checked out your blog and loved the idea of the waste paper bin under the counter when you are presenting. Good tip! Thank! Send us some pictures of your work. I would love to see your contest winning entry.