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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fall can be Cheer-ful with Gallery Glass - 10" round

Falling leaves and tolling school bells bring to mind one thing--football. School sports are enjoyed by the young and the young at heart. And what better way to broadcast your team spirit than with a unique football suncatcher customized with your team's official colors. This design is easy to adapt because it suggests placement for the primary and secondary team colors. The team logo can also be added to the center section for the ultimate tribute. 
The 10" round blank is discontinued, but there are a number of other alternate surfaces. The party supply stores market a good selection of clear plastic plates. Look for the ones that are approx. 10" in diameter. You can shrink or enlarge the design to fit the surface. After your round project is dry, you can melt a hole in the top edge of the plastic plate so that it can be hung from a suction cup or insert a  12" piece of ribbon for hanging on a door knob or window sash lock button. This is a very inexpensive way for the kids to make customized gifts for friends, fellow team mates, coaches, fans, parents and teachers. IDEA! It might even make a good fund raiser. Be sure to research and respect all copyrights and propose the idea to the proper authorities at the school before you duplicate their logo. You can, however, do just the colors (as shown), even if duplication of the logos is prohibited.

Here are some personalized versions of the classic cheerleading panel. As you might guess, we live in Georgia. These are our local favorites. You can easily adapt them to your favorites, both by symbols and color choices.

Supplies: Primary Team Color, Secondary Team Color, 16001, Crystal Clear, 16002 Snow White, 16007 Cocoa Brown, 16851 Green Shimmer, 16216 10" Round Blank, 16076 Liquid Leading.

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  1. Can Gallery Glass products be used on the outside as well? Would like to cover the sidelights next to my front door. That is, paint both exterior and interior. Thanks.