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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Put on your Game Face!

Now is the time of year when all young (and young at heart) minds turn to sports. Whether you follow them during the regular season, or not, it's hard to ignore them during the playoffs. So let's see what we can do to add to team spirit. These are my favorite sports designs because, by and large, sports equipment is not very colorful. So by adding the accessory, we get a chance to incorporate the team colors into the design.

Now you know that I'm going to put my own favorites in the sample, but feel free to edit color choices. These are very simple designs and really work well together in pairs, or as a set, so I'm giving you all 4 (sorry, hockey fans, we're too far South). You can mix and match. They also are unisex, so you can make them for girls, as well. Since there are no more ovals, purchase clear plastic plates at the Party Store and do them on the large size. Use a woodburning tool to make a hole and hang with ribbon.


  1. Like the simple lines of the sports designs Carol. The football design would make a great window cling. Can you speak about clings some? I've tried to make a few without any luck. Seems when I try to remove them from the leading blank they either tear or stretch out of shape. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Good question. Don't attempt any Cling larger than your hand. Make them thick (level with the thickness of the leading), comb evenly and be sure to paint all the way up on the leading. Try not to leave a "halo" around each segment where the paint is too thin. That is often where the tearing occurs. People often say that the paint shrinks away from the leading but these "spaces" are light holes. They were just unaware of them until the Cling dried. Hold the blank up to the light periodically during the painting process to spot them. Be sure to let the Clings dry thoroughly. They must turn completely transparent--no cloudiness in any of the sections--before you can peel them off.
    You have inspired me to work on a Clings project to post this week. I will incorporate some more detailed instructions and how-to shots. Clings are a wonderful project for Gallery Glass because they require NO surface. It is the most economical use for the product. Believe me--I am the Queen of Clings!

  3. Thanks Carol. I am looking forward to your post!

  4. Ms. Carol, Anyway you could talk Plaid into making the ovals again? They are really neat!