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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Amanda's Gallery Glass Enchanted Entrance

It is wonderful to know that our blog is read around the world. I got an inquiry from this lovely lady, Amanda, a few weeks ago and swapped emails for a couple of days, to discover that she lives in Australia. Here's how she found us and what she was encouraged to do--based on the information on our blog. Amazing, I couldn't have done it better myself!

Amanda writes, "Your site is what made me choose Plaid, when I was researching on the net to see what I should use! I’ve thrown myself into the deep end, choosing as my first project a massive stained glass window for our entrance. It’s almost done… just the rest of the sky to go (going to be a mix of clear, hologram glitter and etching)."
"I think the hardest bit was printing my design on a bunch of paper sheets and then sticky taping them together. I do all my design work on the computer so it made sense to do it with this one too."
It’s going to be facing inwards, in a little entrance to our house. So… not exactly inside like inside a house inside, but definitely protected (roof, walls). We don’t freeze down here, but it can get pretty hot. Hopefully it’ll cope. We don’t get very humid down here in the south either (not like the north of Australia) so that sounds like a good thing. I’ve got some redilead (that’s how I did the octagon) so I’ll see if I think the outside would look better with (the design outlined on) it. I will definitely send a photo when it’s in place. (I have told hubby I’m going to be ‘away’ that day - I don’t think I could cope with seeing it go in!!) I can’t wait to see what it looks like with light coming through it! By the way, Hubby’s grandmother wants to play with my paint now that I’ve told her about it - you may have another convert!"


"Here it is, I designed and painted the dragon for the new entrance to my house that we've just finished (the window edges are coming-- but I couldn't wait to send this!). I love 'real' lead-light glass but I didn't have time for classes and I definitely wanted to make something myself. After a bit of internet research I thought Gallery Glass would be my best go. A huge thanks to Carol for her blog and YouTube videos that made me think, eh, this might not be to hard! It was a super fun project and I'm itching to do some more."

Amanda's story is not typical. People often start with a small project, and gradually work up to their target - a window in their home. But occasionally a new beginner will just "go for it" like Amanda did--with incredible results. So what are YOU waiting for newbie glass crafters--start today, planning your next project. Good job, Amanda! We love it!




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